Limited edition pink Kit Kats are made of ‘Ruby’ chocolate

The limited edition ‘Sublime Ruby’ Kit Kats offer a smooth berry type flavor

Nestle is making a pink Kit Kat from ruby chocolate
Kit Kat fans are about to get their first taste of ruby chocolate.

Pink Kit Kat bars are now a thing, and to be honest, we are pretty excited at the prospect of munching down on one of them.

The new flavor of Kit Kat is called ‘Sublime Ruby’ and it comes from a completely new type of chocolate, which was developed by Swiss chocolateers, and has quickly become the talk of the chocolate industry.

Pink Kit Kat bar
The new pink Kit Kat bar

This new type of chocolate is called ‘Ruby’ and it can be added to the already infamous list of dark, milk and white chocolate. It’s an amazing development, as ‘white’ was the last type to be added to the list over 80 years ago.

‘Ruby’ chocolate is the creation of confectionary genius – Barry Callebet, and according to sources, it offers consumers a smooth berry type flavor.

If you’re like us, and you are yearning to get your taste buds on one of these new Kit Kats which are only on sale in Japan, all hope is not lost because they can be ordered online and are available to ship overseas to 10 countries, including the U.S.

However, it’s not all good news as there are a limited number of them available. They are only selling 5,000 of the pink delights and a single bar is currently selling for a mouth watering price of $3.50.

Source: Nerdist
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