Original Tamagotchis from the ’90s are making a big comeback

Get ready to feed, bathe, play with, and love your adorable little digital pet from the ’90s

The Original Tamagotchi 1996
The Original Tamagotchi 1996

With the recent resurgence of retro ’90s and Y2K trends, the original Tamagotchis have returned to shelves and we are here for it.

Whether you’re a ’90s baby who is thrilled to be playing with this nostalgic game again or a first-timer in the world of Tamagotchi, caring for these cute digital pets may well be your new favorite pastime. All set to take the world by storm again, remakes of the original Tamagotchi are now available for purchase at Amazon.

Original Tamagotchi
The Original Tamagotchi packaging

What is the Original Tamagotchi?

The original Tamagotchi, which literally means ‘Egg Watch’ in Japanese, is a quirky, handheld digital pet that was first created in Japan. Created by Akihiro Yokoi, former CEO and president of WiZ, with the assistance of Aki Maita, a Bandai developer, the Tamagotchi first became a fad in 1996 and continued to trend until the early 2000s.

Back then, if your parents didn’t let you have a dog, you could have gotten yourself a Tamagotchi, because let’s admit it, Tamagotchis are nearly as playful as the real deal.

The objective of the Tamagotchi game is for the player to raise an egg into an adult Tamagotchi pet. This requires players to regularly take care of their beloved digital pet. You have to feed it, play with it, discipline it, give it medicine if it feels sick, clean up after it, and even flush the toilet for it after it’s been to the bathroom!

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The original Tamagotchis are back and they're ready to take the world by storm again, one adorable digital pet at a time.

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Keeping your Tamagotchi happy and healthy is the ultimate goal of the game, and the results truly say a lot about how dependable and responsible you are as a Tamagotchi parent. Once you have a Tamagotchi, you might just find a reason to put your smartphone down for a few hours.

What is the price of the Original Tamagotchi?

Remakes of the Original Tamagotchis are available in a variety of designs, and their prices range from $13.85 to $20.99.

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