7-Eleven launches a line of Oreo desserts from Japan

The Oreo x 7-Select desserts are made with Hokkaido milk and other Japanese ingredients

7-Eleven launches a line of Oreo desserts from Japan 16

7-Eleven has recently opened its 1000th store in Hong Kong, and as part of the celebrations for this milestone, the ubiquitous convenience store chain has teamed up with Oreo for an all-new line of desserts imported all the way from Japan.

The food collaboration, which is between Oreo and 7-Eleven’s own snack brand, 7-Select, is comprised of four different desserts all made with Oreo cookies, Hokkaido milk, and other Japanese ingredients. The four Oreo x 7-Select sweet treats are as follows:

Oreo x 7-Select Cream Puffs | 15 HKD/piece (about 2 USD): Light, soft, and airy, these puffs are filled with luscious and smooth cream made with Oreo cookies and Japanese milk

Oreo x 7-Select Cheese Cream Swiss Roll | 15 HKD/piece (about 2 USD): This soft cake is wrapped with thick cheese cream and topped with crushed Oreo cookies

Oreo x 7-Select Chocolate Mille Crepe | 22 HKD/piece (about 2.80 USD): Sprinkled with crushed Oreo cookies on the topmost part, this cake has a thin and soft crust, separated by layers of creamy chocolate cream

Oreo x 7-Select Vanilla Cream Swiss Roll | 13 HKD/piece (about 1.70 USD): A must-try for breakfast, this fluffy cake uses 100% Japanese flour for the sponge and features a rich and creamy cookie cream inside

The Oreo x 7-Select line of desserts is currently available in Hong Kong. There’s no word yet on whether it will be sold in the U.S. and in other parts of the world in the future.

Source: Time Out