OnePlus 8T Concept phone changes colors as you breathe

The OnePlus 8T Concept phone can register and sync its user’s breathing patterns

OnePlus 8T Concept phone changes colors as you breathe 1

Last year, OnePlus showed us the idea of “invisible cameras” with the OnePlus Concept One phone. This year, the company is building upon a current model, the OnePlus 8T, to create the OnePlus 8T Concept phone.

In an effort to provide a “better user experience”, OnePlus redesigned the OnePlus 8T to include a more “natural interaction” for the user. The main highlight of the phone is the back’s design which takes inspiration from the “multi-hued flowing water” found in the hot springs of Pamukkale, Turkey.

It was OnePlus Gaudi, OnePlus’ team of designers from around the world, that brought this new idea to life. Established after the successful launch of the Concept One, OnePlus Gaudi continues to find ways to marry art and technology.

This latest concept phone uses a color-changing film combined with metal oxide glass for the back that allows it to change colors when the metal oxide activates. When this happens, the glass changes from a dark blue color to a light silver.

The technology is also designed to work together with mmWave so that the color-changing properties of the device can bring additional software or hardware integrated features. One such example application for this would be touchless notifications. This means that the device can flash or change its colors when it’s receiving an incoming call. Users will also be able to accept or reject the call with a gesture, never needing to touch the device.

The OnePlus 8T concept phone also plays on the idea of making the device into a breathing monitor. Using mmWave technology, the device is able to register breathing patterns and allow its colors to stay in sync. This essentially makes the OnePlus 8T Concept a biofeedback device for breathing.

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