The Nimona movie will debut on Netflix in 2023

Disney dumped the project, but Netflix is saving it

Nimona movie 20203
A Nimona animated film is coming to Netflix in 2023

The long-awaited animated Nimona film adaption may finally be making it to the big, well, small screen, thanks to Netflix.

The animation project was originally thrown into the hands of Disney around 2019 when the company acquired Century Fox, and thus acquired Blue Sky Studios of Ice Age fame.

Blue Sky Studios is also the main force behind Nimona, but the project was scrapped and the studio was shut down by Disney. This not only caused people to assume Nimona would never reach its audience, but it also left 450 employees out of work.

Nimona started out as a webcomic series that tells the story of a shape-shifting teen. The teen will be voiced by Choe Grace Moretz. The story follows the teen’s journey to save the life of a knight named Blackheart (Riz Ahmed) who was falsely accused of a crime.

ND Stevenson, creator of the Nimona webcomic and also the executive producer of the Netflix show She-Ra and the Princess of Power, recently took to Twitter to announce that 2023 will be the year for the Nimona movie.

“She’s a fighter… but she’s also got some awesome people fighting for her,” Stevenson says in the tweet.

Nimona includes several queer lead characters, and this would have been Disney’s first time to feature LGBTQ as lead characters in a movie or show. The Verge does report that Disney had supposedly pressured animators to remove a same-sex kiss from its internal presentations. As to what the company’s stance is now on the major themes of the show, we’ll soon find out.

But considering how TV shows and movies have progressed since its initial birth in 2019, we will hopefully get a Nimona production from Disney that will stay true to its original source material.

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