MoviePass intros expensive new pricing plans to help keep them afloat

MoviePass is testing a new three-tiered service that should help them “cut even”

MoviePass intros expensive new pricing plans to help keep them afloat 12

Another month – another major shake-up at MoviePass. In a bid to stay afloat, the company’s testing a new tiered subscription plan. The changes will take effect on the 1st of January.

Starting in 2019 the company will introduce its “Select,” “All-Access,” and “Red Carpet” plans. Prices are expected to range from $10 to $25 per month depending on the tier and location. Additionally, all three plans are still limited to viewing just three films in a month.

Ranging from $10 to $15, ‘Select’ is the cheapest. This plan is nearly identical to MoviePass’ current $10 plan. As the budget option, it limits subscribers to a curated list of titles available on select days.

‘All Access’ costs between $15 and $20, however, subscribers are not bound to MoviePass’ limited list. Under this option, only 3D and similar large-format titles are not covered.

Speaking of which, if you’d like access to IMAX and 3D, you’ll need ‘Red Carpet’. Topping the list at $20 to $25 per month, this plan has all the benefits of All Access, with the addition of one large-format viewing per month included.

And for better rates, MoviePass is also selling one year of All Access and Red Carpet for $120 and $150, respectively.

According to Engadget, MoviePass is hoping its reworked subscription plan will help the company “break even on the cost of tickets.” Previously, the company was losing money at warp-speed due to price cuts and its ‘all-you-can-eat’ approach. Per our reporting, due to the lure of unlimited viewings, the company saw subscriptions jump from “tens-of-thousands to over one million paid subscribers.”

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Unfortunately, this is where things peaked. Reports suggest MoviePass continues to lose subscribers due to constant pitfalls and over-promises. Only time will tell if this is the move that rights the ship.