Most Stuf Oreos are officially back for a limited time

Cookie lovers have already spotted the huge Oreo variant at Wawa, 7-Eleven, and Walmart

Most Stuf Oreos are officially back for a limited time 1

Most Stuf Oreos have finally made its much-awaited comeback.

Back in October, Oreo confirmed to Delish that its biggest cookie variant to date would be hitting the shelves once again this winter following its initial limited-edition run that started last January. Now, shoppers have since spotted packs of the chocolate sandwich in different retailers across the country.

For instance, junk food-centric Instagram account JunkPickers saw four-packs of Most Stuf Oreos at a local Wawa. And based on the comments in JunkPickers’ post, other cookie lovers have also seen the sweet treat at 7-Eleven and Walmart stores near them.

With three times the filling of a traditional Oreo, Most Stuf Oreos are almost too big to dunk. In fact, due to the large size of individual cookies, each $3 package of this sweet treat only holds 18 cookies. And because of its generous amount of crème filling, a piece of this monster cookie already clocks in at 110 calories.

Given its thicker crème filling, Most Stuf Oreos are much sweeter than regular Oreos, making some food bloggers think that it isn’t for everybody. “You gotta be that person that eats the crème by itself to enjoy these,” wrote Munchie Bunchie on Instagram during the cookie’s first limited-edition run. “It’s so much [sweet] that after only 2 or 3 cookies and you’re taped out. Super sweet.”

“If you like Oreos for the cookie you won’t like these,” commented JunkFoodMom. “They are nothing but sweet Creme — the cookie is there to keep your fingers from getting sticky only.”

Most Stuf Oreos aren’t a permanent Oreo variant, so if your favorite part of Oreo cookies is the crème filling, stock up now before supplies run out.

Source: Popsugar
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