Elegant Merida doll stands out in Disney’s Designer collection

This Disney Designer Collection Merida doll personifies the fierce characteristics of the brave princess

Limited Edition Merida doll
Limited Edition Merida doll

You’re never too old to play with dolls, and the proof is in the Disney Designer Collection’s Ultimate Princess Celebration. We’re shining the spotlight on Merida, the bow-and-arrow-wielding princess who didn’t let fate decide her destiny. Transformed into a special Disney edition doll by Wes Jenkins, she looks as beautiful and brave as ever.

Your favorite archer is clad in her iconic emerald green dress with her fiery red locks pulled up in a half ponytail, and there’s no denying that she’s one of the brightest collectibles at shopdisney.com.

About the Disney Designer Collection Merida doll

Merida is part of Disney’s fierce “M” trifecta (hi, Mulan and Moana!), and this collectible truly does her justice. The heroine of Brave launched thousands of beautiful merchandise, but nothing really compares to this doll by Wes Jenkins.

This limited edition doll is one in 9,800 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Her detailed couture gown drapes gracefully over her articulated waist and arms, and faux fur adorns her shoulders and boot tops. Her regal look is topped off with a satin bodice, sheer copper mesh sleeves, metallic chains, and a faux leather purse. We never pictured Merida holding a dainty purse, but we’re actually here for this one. Hey, even warrior princesses need to carry stuff on the go, right?

Merida limited edition doll
Merida limited edition doll

Merida’s elegant outfit is matched by her finely styled red hair, rooted eyelashes, and fully poseable structure.

To complete your collector’s experience, you can place Merida on her display stand which is included in the gorgeous window display packaging. Another perk is that the box alone already radiates classic Disney elegance with a gatefold cover, foil details, and a magnetic closure. Whether you’re 6 years of age or older, this doll will surely unleash your inner warrior princess.

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Disney Designer Collection Merida Limited Edition Doll

This limited edition Disney princess collectible features Merida's iconic red hair, her legendary green dress, and a purse to boot!

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Who is Wes Jenkins?

Wes Jenkins is the talented artist behind this beautiful limited edition Merida doll. He started out as a technical designer for the Disney Parks Costuming organization in 2017 and has since moved into Global Product Creation as an apparel designer.

Wes Jenkins has taken his creative genius to bring us Princess Merida as part of the Disney Designer Collection. He dedicates this masterpiece to his grandmother, the first redhead he knew; as she was headstrong, opinionated, compassionate, and his greatest supporter. Truly a reflection of the Brave princess herself.

Designing the Princess Merida doll gave Wes Jenkins the opportunity to showcase his skills while inspiring others to pursue their dreams, decide their fates, and reject the status quo.

What is the price of the limited edition Merida doll?

The limited-edition Merida doll has a price tag of $129.99.

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