MediaTek’s T750 5G chipset will power affordable 5G mobile hotspots and routers

The company is already testing it out with potential customers

MediaTek's T750 5G chipset will power affordable 5G mobile hotspots and routers 1

MediaTek has just announced their T750G 5G chipset which is designed to bring next-generation 5G to wireless access points like routers or mobile hotspots.

Coming in the form of a 7nm compact chip design, it comes with a built-in integrated 5G radio and quad-core ARM CPU as well as all the basic functions and peripherals needed to create a high-performance 5G device. MediaTek says that with the chip, manufacturers and developers will be able to create products with even with small form factors.

The new chipset is capable of supporting 5G sub-6GHz frequencies as well as two-component carrier aggregation to provide extended coverage. In addition to that, it also includes a 5G NR FR1 modem with quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processors.

Additional features include support for standalone and non-standalone sub-6GHz networks and 5CC carrier aggregation, embedded GPU and display driver support for up to a 720p HD display, four PCIe interfaces for external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two 2.5Gbps SGMII interfaces, and PCM interface for external land-line phones.

With the rise of remote work and a surge in internet usage, JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and head of MediaTek’s wireless business unit, says the T750 chipset opens up “new markets for broadband operators and device makers, and helping consumers – no matter where they live – to experience all the advantages of 5G connectivity.”

This is important because the presence of 5G routers with support for sub-6GHz frequencies will be a great advantage to those with limited access to current wireless service and signals and provide a more affordable option to DSL, cable, or fiber services.

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