Pictionary gets a high-tech upgrade with AI

The newest version of Pictionary is powered by Google AI

Pictionary Vs. AI

Mattel is officially jumping onto the AI trend with a new version of Pictionary called Pictionary Vs. AI.

What is Pictionary Vs. AI?

Pictionary Vs. AI is the first-ever board game to integrate AI technology into its classic gameplay. In this on-trend version of Pictionary, players sketch, but it’s the AI that guesses. Having the AI guess the drawing correctly isn’t the only way to get ahead. Players also earn points by predicting whether the AI will guess other players’ sketches correctly. Pictionary Vs. AI’s innovative gameplay of “Human Sketches, AI Guesses” further proves that Pictionary is less about being a perfect artist and more about the hilarious results.

Family playing Pictionary Vs. AI
Family playing Pictionary Vs. AI

“Mattel is excited to introduce Pictionary Vs. AI, bringing technological advancement to create new and exciting challenges to fans who love the classic game,” said Sven Gerjets, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Mattel, in a press release. “At Mattel, we create innovative products and experiences that inspire, entertain, and develop children through play. There are many play patterns to explore around new tech to enhance engagement with physical toys.”

How to play Pictionary Vs. AI?

Like the classic Pictionary, players draw a word from a deck of clue cards. But, instead of guessing each other’s drawings, players will see if AI can correctly guess the word based on their individual sketches.

Players use a mobile device to scan the QR code and launch the AI, which guides everyone through the play. After everyone has sketched their drawings, predictions are made on whether the AI will guess a drawing correctly. Then, players will reveal their whiteboards to the AI and see if the technology can accurately guess the player’s drawing.

Pictionary Vs. AI whiteboards and companion app
Pictionary Vs. AI whiteboards and companion app

To guess player’s drawings, Pictionary Vs. AI leverages Google’s Quick, Draw! artificial intelligence that’s been trained with millions of user-submitted drawings. Pictionary Vs. AI then pairs this AI data with computer vision to look at and guess the drawings within the given frame, which in this case would be the game’s whiteboard placed in front of a phone.

Points are scored if the AI guesses the players’ individual drawing correctly and for each correct prediction made of the AI’s accuracy.

The fun is even more amplified by turning on challenge rounds within the web app. Players are asked to draw with their eyes closed, using no hands, and more!

Pictionary VPictionary Vs. AI front packagings. AI Packaging Front
Pictionary Vs. AI front packaging

“Games from across the Mattel portfolio have been bringing families together for more than 50 years – and we’re proud that the decades-long adoration that fans have for our products is matched by the innovation constantly available in our lineup of games,” added Ray Adler, Vice President and Global Head of Games at Mattel, in the press release. “Pictionary Vs. AI continues to build upon our impressive portfolio by offering a new, modern way that fans can engage with the brand, combined with the hilarious quickdraw gameplay they’ve always loved.”

Is Pictionary Vs. AI kid-friendly?

Pictionary Vs. AI has been certified by the U.S. ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and follows COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance. All content in Pictionary Vs. AI is kid-appropriate, and the game is rated for ages 8+.

Where to buy Pictionary Vs. AI?

Pictionary Vs. AI will be available in retail stores across the United States starting October 2, 2023, for $24.99. But fans can pre-order the game beginning September 27, 2023, on Mattel Shop.

Source: Mattel
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