Monster High Skullector Dolls: Meet the Mattel fashion dolls inspired by horror icons

Everything you need to know about Monster High Skullector Dolls from Mattel

Monster High Skullector Series

Monster High Skullector Dolls are the latest addition to the popular Monster High doll line created by Mattel. These unique fashion dolls are inspired by iconic horror characters, making them a must-have for any horror enthusiast or doll collector. Each Skullector Doll is meticulously designed to resemble its respective character, from their hairstyles to their outfits and accessories. In this article, we will delve into the world of Monster High Skullector Dolls, exploring their unique features, the characters they portray, and why they have become highly sought-after collectibles.

What are Skullector Dolls?

Produced by Mattel, the Monster High Skullector Dolls are a special line of dolls that combines the aesthetic of the toy company’s Monster High fashion dolls with iconic horror characters. These dolls offer a unique twist on traditional fashion dolls by incorporating elements of horror and fantasy.

What sets Monster High Skullector Dolls apart from other fashion dolls is their distinctive inspiration. These dolls are not just your average fashion dolls dressed in trendy outfits. They are meticulously designed to resemble some of the most iconic horror characters of all time.

Highly detailed and meticulously crafted, each Monster High Skullector Doll features intricate facial details and character-inspired outfits. The Skullector Dolls also come with special packaging, such as coffins, bat boxes, and haunted house boxes.

The Monster High Skullector Dolls are popular among collectors of all ages, and they are often sold out quickly after their release. Mattel typically releases a new wave of Skullector Dolls each year, and fans eagerly await the announcement of each new wave.

Meet the Monster High Skullector Dolls

The first wave of Monster High Skullector Dolls was released in 2020 and it featured Pennywise from IT and the Grady Twins from The Shining. Since then, Mattel has released several more waves of Skullector Dolls, including Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz, Greta Gremlin, Dracula, Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Bride, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Tiffany and Chucky, and Annabelle. Take a closer look at these limited-edition dolls in the list below:

#1 Pennywise Monster High Skullector Doll

Pennywise Monster High Skullector Doll

Taking inspiration from the chilling clown from 2019’s IT Chapter Two, Pennywise Skullector Doll is both terrifying and captivating. This doll dons the eerie clown suit and features intricate face paint details. To recreate some of the iconic moments in the film, the doll set comes with two accessories: a red balloon and an S.S. Georgie paper boat, which the doll can hold. The doll also comes in a special packaging featuring the Well House, which can serve as a backdrop for the doll when displayed.

#2 The Grady Twins Monster High Skullector Doll

The Grady Twins Monster High Skullector Dolls

Each twin doll in this two-pack doll set wears a blue baby doll dress with a dotted print, lace trim, sheer sleeves, and a pleated bodice. Completing their outfits are hatchet hair accessories, sheer stockings, and platform Mary-jane shoes with hedge maze-inspired heels.

The Grady Twins can hold hands to recreate some of the terrifying scenes from the 1980 movie The Shining. They can also pose holding a bunch of film-inspired accessories, including a Room 237 room key, a yellow ball, and a page from Jack Torrance’s typewritten manuscript. The twin dolls come in an especially designed packaging featuring the Overlook Hotel’s infamous hallway.

#3 Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz Monster High Skullector Doll Set

Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz Monster High Skullector Doll Set

The Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz Skullector Doll Set is a limited-edition set of two dolls inspired by the iconic characters from the 1988 horror-comedy film Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice is wearing his iconic striped suit with a carousel hat, while Lydia is looking spook-tacular in her goth-tastic black dress, which she accessorizes with a camera. Both dolls are fully posable and have 11 points of articulation. The doll set includes a miniature replica of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and comes in premium packaging, which sets the scene at the tombstone of everyone’s favorite bio-exorcist.

#4 Greta Gremlin Monster High Skullector Doll

Greta Gremlin Monster High Skullector Doll

Based on Greta Gremlin, the lovestruck antagonist from the 1990 comedy horror film Gremlins 2: The New Batch, this limited-edition doll features true-to-movie character details, including ghoulish green locks, huge pointed ears, and reptile-like scales on the arms and legs.

Dressed up like a fashionista, the Greta Gremlin Skullector Doll wears a gorgeous leopard dress topped with a studded leather jacket that matches her blood-red lips. Completing her overall look are a pair of big bangle earrings, a flower hair clip, textured high heels, and a heart-shaped purse.

In addition to a mini red lipstick and a display stand that come with the doll, the doll is also accompanied by an adorable Gizmo figure, making it a perfect gift for any Gremlins fans. It also comes in a specially designed packaging that doubles as a display background.

#5 Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride of Frankenstein Monster High Skullector Doll Set

Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride of Frankenstein packaging as background

This two-in-one doll set includes a Frankenstein doll and a doll in the likeness of his betrothed. Inspired by Universal Pictures’ 1935 horror film The Bride of Frankenstein, the doll set is packed with signature Monster High elements, including premium fabrics and authentic details that make it a first-class collectible for horror fans.

Looking like a power couple on a red-carpet event, Frankenstein is wearing matching pants and a jacket with an all-over zigzag pattern, while his bride is parading a white dress with long strips of see-through draperies at the back, creating an illusion of a cape.

For their footwear, Frankenstein is rocking a pair of black platform shoes, while the titular bride completes her over-the-top outfit with a pair of white heels with transparent blue-green heels.

#6 Chucky and Tiffany Monster High Skullector Doll Set

Chucky and Tiffany Monster High Skullector Doll Set

The Chucky and Tiffany Skullector Doll Set is a limited-edition set of two dolls inspired by the iconic characters from the Child’s Play franchise.

Chucky is wearing his iconic striped sweater, Good Guys bib, and red hairnet with a mini knife hairpin. Tiffany, on the other hand, is sportinga black faux leather jacket and heart-shaped splash dress. The dolls are fully posable and have 11 points of articulation. They come in premium packaging that features a coffin-shaped box with a creepy backdrop.

#7 Dracula Monster High Skullector Doll

Dracula Monster High Skullector Doll

Inspired by the iconic character from the 1931 Universal horror film Dracula, this Skullector Doll is wearing a sleek tuxedo, red cape, and medallion, just like the original movie costume. A batty headdress and coffin heels that open to a sleeping vampire add a hauntingly chic Monster High twist.

The doll has 11 points of articulation for haunting poses and displays. It includes accessories inspired by real movie props like a chamberstick and “flying” bat, as well as a doll stand, allowing you to display her in all her vampiric glory.

#8 Annabelle Monster High Skullector Doll

Annabelle Monster High Skullector Doll - front

Inspired by the pigtailed and possessed doll introduced in the 2013 New Line Cinema movie The Conjuring, and whose story was fully told throughout her own film trilogy, the Annabelle Skullector Doll is the epitome of horror. With her porcelain skin, haunting eyes, and vintage cream-and-crimson dress, this doll perfectly captures the unsettling essence of Annabelle.

Packed in specially designed premium packaging, this 10.5-inches-tall doll comes with a certificate of authenticity and a doll stand.

#9 Elvira Mistress of the Dark Monster High Skullector Doll

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Monster High Skullector Doll

The Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira, is brought to life in the Elvira Skullector Doll. With her signature long black hair and revealing gown, this doll captures the essence of the iconic horror hostess. Her dress is printed with skullettes and spider webs that match the ones on her stilettos and in her eyes. She’s also wearing with her aunt’s magic ring, silver snake earrings, and iconic dagger belt.

The doll’s premium packaging mimics her living room, complete with a couch, bone phone, and picture of her dog, Gonk. There’s even a personal message from Elvira on the back

Where to buy Monster High Skullector Dolls in 2023?

Monster High Skullector Dolls can be found at various retailers and online marketplaces. You can purchase these collectible dolls on websites such as, where you can browse through the extensive range of Skullector Dolls and other Monster High products. Additionally, official Mattel stores and select toy stores may also carry these dolls. Start your collection today and bring the magic of horror and fashion into your home with Monster High Skullector Dolls.

The future of Monster High Skullector Dolls

The Monster High Skullector Dolls have made a strong impact on the doll-collecting community. Their unique combination of fashion and horror has captured the hearts of fans around the world. With their meticulous attention to detail and exclusive features, these dolls offer collectors something truly special. As the line continues to expand, fans can look forward to more iconic horror characters immortalized in doll form in the future.

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