Last Gameboard replaces all your board games with a digital board game console

The social gaming console is finally available for purchase

Last Gameboard, the only social gaming console that allows you to host concurrent play and use physical game pieces, while also enjoying various digital benefits

The future of tabletop gaming is here. Introducing the Last Gameboard, the world’s first multi-user social gaming console that brings tabletop gaming to a new dimension. Officially out of beta, the digital board game console is now available for purchase. Read on to learn more about this immersive gaming innovation.

What is Last Gameboard?

The Last Gameboard is a complete social gaming system in the form of a digital board game console that lets you play various tabletop games with anyone, anywhere, and with any game piece. It’s the only social gaming console that allows you to host concurrent play and use physical game pieces, while also enjoying digital benefits like immersive soundtracks, real-time game piece interactions, and animations, as well as access to a growing library of games.


Smooth interaction between minis and maps

With the Last Gameboard, your minis and other game pieces can interact with your battle maps and board games in a whole new way. For instance, the Gameboard allows you to move your minis on battle maps while seeing both the fog of war and the line of sight update in real-time.

Remote play

The Last Gameboard allows you to play tabletop games remotely with anyone from around the world. As you move your character across the board, remote players can see your moves in real-time with virtual tokens on their Gameboard, and vice-versa. A Gameboard play session can accommodate up to eight physical and remote players, sometimes more, depending on the game being played.


Stereo speakers and microphones

The Last Gameboard is equipped with two stereo speakers and two microphones, allowing you to communicate with other players even when they aren’t in the same room as you.

Other specs of the Gameboard include one USB-C Port, one HDMI Out port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 64GB flash storage, an expandable SD card slot, and 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Huge library of games

The Last Gameboard gives you access to a library of games, including Chess, Dominoes, Poker, Zombie Dice, Stop Thief, Pool, and a lot more. Your first year of access to the gaming library is completely free, and after one year, it’s $15 per month.

If you don’t want to subscribe, you have the option to purchase each game, which will be available for you to play forever. That means you can take your games with you. Simply sign into another Gameboard and your purchased games will be accessible for you to play. There are also core games that are available for free.

Mobile companion app

The Gameboard has a mobile companion app that allows you to hide and arrange your hand, steal cards from another player, or throw digital dice from across the table depending on the game you are playing. Available for download for iOS and Android devices, the companion app extends the play experience far beyond the board without losing face-to-face interaction.

What is the size of the Last Gameboard?


The Gameboard has a 22″ playable screen in a 17″ x 17″ sleek form factor. Multiple gameboards can be connected to one another to create larger maps.

The Gameboard features a SenseScreen display at 1920×1920 Resolution. Unlike phones and tablets, the Last Gameboard’s patented technology, SenseScreen, utilizes unlimited touch on the surface. This means you can see different hand gestures and physical game pieces on the surface of the board in real time. Because of this technology, multiple people can interact with the gameplay occurring on the Gameboard simultaneously, regardless of whether they are doing the same things or completely different things.

Where to buy the Last Gameboard

It is currently available for purchase on the Last Gameboard website for $799, which as previously mentioned, includes one year of access to the gaming library.

Every Gameboard is made-to-order. This means you will receive yours four months after your purchase.

Last Gameboard + One Year Free Gaming

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What was the first game board ever made?

The recent launch of the Last Gameboard is a testament to how tabletop gaming has significantly evolved over the years. Have you ever wondered what was the first board game ever?

According to the British Museum, The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest playable board game in the world, originating around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.

The rules of the game were written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer back in 177 BC. According to curator Irving Finkel who was able to decipher the mechanics of the game, two players compete to race their pieces from one end of the board to the other. It was also found that the central squares of the board game were also used for fortune-telling.

How to Make and Play The Royal Game of Ur
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