Mattel x BTS dolls have finally been revealed

But some disappointed fans think that the dolls don’t actually look like their idols.

Mattel x BTS fashion dolls

After weeks of teasing, Mattel has finally unveiled its collection of BTS fashion dolls. On Tuesday, the toy manufacturer tweeted out a group photo and solo pictures of the cute dolls, much to the delight of most of the boy band’s fans across the globe.

“MIC Drop, ARMY!,” tweeted Mattel’s official account. “For the first time ever, we’re thrilled to show you the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls! Take a look at V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin and J-hope as dolls inspired by the Idol music video!”

Lots of BTS fans are thrilled with how the collection turns out, commending the dolls’ detailed costumes as well as the company’s effort to bring the project to life.

However, there are also a number of ARMY members who are disappointed with it. Some of these fans think that the facial features of the dolls look closely similar to one another, and the dolls’ hair kind of ruin it all.

A few fans even pointed out that some fan-made BTS dolls are much better than the ones Mattel has unveiled. Though that’ arguably true, more understanding BTS fans think that it’s unfair to compare Mattel’s BTS fashion dolls to fan-made BTS dolls as the former only cost $20 each and are mass produced.

BTS Fashion Dolls and UNO card game SNEAK PREVIEW

As revealed at the New York Toy Fair last month, Mattel’s BTS fashion dolls will hit the shelves on September 1st.

In addition to fashion dolls, Mattel will also be releasing a BTS UNO card game. The rep for the company said that the BTS UNO game generally has the same rules as the standard UNO game, but it does come with an extra special rule and a special card.

Update (July 18th): The BTS fashion dolls and Uno cards are now available for Pre-order.

Mattel’s BTS Fashion Dolls

These Barbie-like dolls are wearing mini versions of the bright patterned suits worn by BTS members in their Idol music video.

$19.99 each

Mattel's BTS UNO Cards

This special edition UNO card game has the same rules as the standard game but includes an extra rule card called Dancing Wild.


Source: Billboard
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