LG Zero Connect tech cuts yet another TV cord

The 97″ LG Signature OLED M3 TV showcases LG Zero Connect tech, which allows for wireless audio and video transmission in 4k

Lifestyle image of a man playing a video game on a wall-mounted LG Signature OLED M3 TV with LG Zero Connect technology
LG Zero Connect technology makes clean, gapless wall mounting even easier

Usually when we talk about cutting the cord, we’re talking cable — with their 97″ Signature OLED M3 TV on display at CES 2023, LG has something else in mind. Always the leader in the OLED world, the company is introducing LG Zero Connect technology in the new TV, tech that eliminates the need to connect an HDMI cable to the TV with the use of a small box capable of transmitting 4k video at 120 Hz and audio wirelessly. Just have to plug it into an outlet!

LG Zero Connect promises to put the tangled jungle of wires behind TV sets everywhere firmly in the past. Of course, in this case, the cord isn’t cut for good — the HDMI cable (or any other A/V cable) will still need to be plugged into the box that comes with the TV, but that box can be hidden away more effectively, along with the cable connected to it.That also gives folks a lot more freedom to arrange their TV wherever they want in their homes, without worrying about cable management.

A man watches a movie on an LG Signature OLED M3 TV with LG Zero Connect technology
While the focus is on wall mounting, LG Zero Connect TV also makes freestanding TVs look much cleaner without the extra cord hanging out

Instead, users can place the box anywhere they like in their space and connect cable/satellite boxes, gaming consoles, and soundbars to it. When the TV is in use, the LG Zero Connect box will connect to the TV wirelessly to transmit and receive audio and video at up to 4K 120Hz using an antenna.

This dovetails nicely with LG’s One Wall Design, which integrates the TV bracket into the TV set, allowing the TV to be mounted on the wall with very little space left between the wall and the TV. This may not hold much appeal for you if you value consumer electronics mainly for their functionality, but it boosts the aesthetic appeal of the screen for people who want their electronics to blend in with their interior design. And, it’s a trick made possible partly by eliminating the need for A/V cables to be plugged directly into the TV.

If you’re skeptical of the impact wireless transmission will have on the M3’s picture and audio quality, LG has says they have developed an algorithm that optimizes the signal transmission to reduce errors and disruptions. According to LG, the algorithm will even detect environmental changes and account for them as it determines the optimal transmission path for the signal.

The 97″ Signature OLED M3 TV with LG Zero Connect joins a whole host of new TV options from LG being shown off this week at CES 2023, including many other OLED TVs.

LG Zero Connect Signature OLED M3 TV Availability

LG didn’t announce when the OLED M3 will be available, but we imagine it will be sometime during midway through 2023.

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