2024 LG OLED TVs are all in on AI again

2024 LG OLED TVs will refine picture quality dynamically based on what you’re watching

Lifestyle image of 2024 LG OLED TV

As we knew going in, AI is going to be the big deal at CES 2024. Just about every announcement slips it in somewhere, even when it’s just improvements to already pretty impressive tech. That’s the case with the lineup of 2024 LG OLED TVs, which continue to use AI processing to dynamically improve both video and audio.

The LG Signature OLED M4 and OLED G4 TVs both use the new Alpha 11 AI processor, which promises both improvements to picture quality and processing speed. That new processor will be tasked with the same jobs as before — analyzing scenes to detect what kind of content you’re watching and optimize accordingly, and using pixel analysis to upscale content to higher resolutions without blurred details. A Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature will also fine-tune overall image brightness and contrast.

Lifestyle image of 2024 LG OLED TV
The 2024 LG OLED TVs will have settings that automatically adapt to what you’re watching thanks to AI processing

The benefits of the AI processor extend to gaming. The Game Optimizer provides display presets and support for NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync. The 4k 144Hz refresh rate is also impressive, although not quite as high as some other panels we’re seeing at CES 2024 this year.

The 2024 LG Signature OLED M4 is still the technical wonder here — this is LG’s wireless TV, capable of transmitting high-quality audio and video without the need for cables using LG’s Zero Connect Box. This year, the TV and box are capable of transmitting video and audio at up to 4K 144Hz. That includes spatial audio using AI Sound Pro, which can better isolate can clarify channels (making dialogue sound more distinct in a busy scene, for example) and make it sound like objects are moving across the room.

This year, the Signature OLED M4 will be available from 65-inch to a whopping 97-inch model, which is an awfully big OLED screen!

LG OLED TV Availability

LG has not provided information regarding the availability of the 2024 OLED TV lineup. We will share details on the availability of the TVs once they are made available.

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