LEGO Super Mario unveils a brick-built Piranha Plant

The iconic enemy in the Mario franchise is reimagined in LEGO form

LEGO Mario Piranha Plant

The LEGO Super Mario Universe continues to get bigger and the latest addition to the hit LEGO x Nintendo play theme is a brick-built Piranha Plant.

What is the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant?

A detailed and posable set, the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant is built from over 500 pieces. The head, mouth, stalk and leaves of the brick-built Piranha Plant is movable, allowing builders to create new and exciting poses. The building experience of the set also lets LEGO and Mario fans to create from the bottom up, so the Piranha Plant emerges as if it’s growing out of the pipe. Measuring 23cm high x 11cm wide x 17cm deep, the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant makes an impressive centerpiece for the home or office.

LEGO Mario Piranha Plant

In a press release announcing the Piranha Plant, Carl Merriam, Senior Designer of LEGO Super Mario, briefly opened up about what it’s like to develop the new building set.

“When designing the Piranha Plant, it felt important to capture its distinctive features and ensure that the set could be positioned in a way that reflects its iconic poses,” said Merriam. “I’m so proud of the finished result, from the mouth to the leaves and stalk, we’ve managed to perfectly portray the menacing essence of the Piranha Plant!“

LEGO Mario Piranha Plant

Where to buy the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant?

The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant will be available from November 6, 2023, via LEGO stores, and from select leading retailers around the world.

How much is the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant?

For ages 18 and up, the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant costs $59.99 each.

What is LEGO Super Mario?

LEGO Super Mario is a LEGO theme based on the platform game series Super Mario created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. It is licensed from Nintendo. The theme was first introduced in 2020.

LEGO Super Mario sets are unique in that they combine the physical building experience of LEGO with the digital gameplay of a video game. The sets include interactive LEGO figures of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser as well as LEGO bricks that can be used to build levels for the figures to explore.

To play, players build a level using the LEGO bricks and then place Mario, Luigi, or Peach on the starting point. The figure will then start to move through the level, reacting to the different elements it encounters. For example, if the figure jumps on a Goomba, it will defeat the enemy and earn coins.

LEGO Super Mario sets also include a variety of challenges that players can complete, such as defeating all of the enemies in a level or reaching the goal within a certain amount of time. Players can also track their progress and unlock new rewards using the LEGO Super Mario companion app.

LEGO Super Mario sets have been praised for their innovative gameplay and their ability to combine the best of both LEGO and video games. They have also been a commercial success, with LEGO reporting that the theme was one of its most successful launches ever.

Piranha Plant in the Mario franchise

Piranha Plant is a recurring enemy character in the Mario video game series, first appearing in the original Super Mario Bros. game released in 1985. Piranha Plants are distinctive for their long green stalks with a red or green-spotted spherical head and sharp teeth. They typically emerge from pipes and attempt to bite or snap at Mario or Luigi, the game’s protagonists, as they pass by. If they touch a Piranha Plant, they lose a life.

Piranha Plants have appeared in various forms and colors throughout the Mario series and have become one of the iconic enemy characters associated with the franchise. They can be found in numerous Mario games, including platformers like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and more. Piranha Plants have also appeared in spin-off titles like the Mario Kart series and Super Smash Bros. series, where they often serve as obstacles or hazards.

In addition to their basic form, the Mario series has introduced variations of Piranha Plants, such as Fire Piranha Plants which can spit fireballs, and Ice Piranha Plants which can freeze Mario on contact. Piranha Plant even became a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, marking its unique role as a fighter in the crossover fighting game.

Source: LEGO, Nintendo
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