Legends of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh may be coming back to the Arrowverse

How did The Flash set up Ray Palmer’s potential Arrowverse return?

Legends of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh may be coming back to the Arrowverse 1

The most recent episode of The Flash implied that Brandon Routh might be returning to the Arrowverse as Ray Palmer in the near future.

In The Flash season 7, episode 16, titled P.O.W., John Diggle (David Ramsey) showed up in Central City to help Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash in their fight against the Godspeed clones and stop the civil war that the evil speedsters have started. Diggle brought with him some cool weapons, and one of which was equipped with nanites “courtesy of Ray Palmer.”

While facing off with one of the Godspeed clones in the episode, Diggle particularly mentioned Ray’s name. Though that could just be a simple shoutout to the fan-favorite character The Atom, it could also mean that the former Legends is working with Diggle and could eventually come back into the Arrowverse through HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern series, which has been rumored to feature Ramsey’s character.

Diggle namedropping Ray in The Flash suggested that the two might have reconnected after the latter left the Waverider with his wife Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford) in Legends of Tomorrow season 5. After retiring as a Legend, it’s possible that Ray is now working with Diggle at ARGUS.

Though Legends of Tomorrow or any Arrowverse show has yet to check in on Ray after departing the Waverider, it would make sense for him to work with his former colleague at ARGUS. Also, with Diggle transferring to Metropolis, it’s also a possibility that Ray took his old position at the Star City branch of ARGUS and has been working there ever since leaving the Legends behind. After all, returning to normal life means Ray needed a job to earn money.

But whatever the case is, Ray’s potential Arrowverse return would certainly delight fans, especially those who were heartbroken after Routh was booted out of Legends of Tomorrow. While there’s no clear explanation yet on the extreme headaches Diggle has been experiencing, Ray could definitely help him if he ever does embrace being a Green Lantern. With his ability to shrink and sometimes expand, Ray could work as Diggle’s backup out in the field. And with his solid background in science and technology, Ray could also help in the development of new technology and gadgets for the Green Lantern Corps.

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