KandyPens Oura review: The best portable dab rig

It’s everything the Puffco Peak should have been

KandyPens Oura review
Bottom Line
The KandyPens Oura is the best portable dab rig on the market. It's well-designed, able to produce thick clouds of vapor, and comes with many accessories.
Excellent vapor quality
Low maintenance cleaning
High heat settings
Portable and attractive design
Easy to hold
USB-C fast charging
Pass-through charging
Auto shut off
Great battery life
Only compatible with wax concentrates

KandyPens Oura is a truly portable dab rig that manages to pack a serious punch. While we couldn’t call it pocket-friendly, it is small enough to be carried around in a handbag. The device is made of a combination of a durable zinc alloy shell, a quartz crystal glass atomizer, and a bell-shaped water bubbler made of handmade glass.

The Oura’s rounded base is very easy to grip. The base of the device is also heavy enough to keep it sturdy while not making it so heavy that you can’t hold it in one hand comfortably. The controls on the Oura are somewhat unusual and they took us a bit to get used to. That is because the Oura uses a single control touch button – a “Smart Touch” button which is used to power it on and control its temperature settings. For instance, you tap on it 5x to turn the device on. This is kind of neat, but from a practical standpoint, we would’ve preferred a physical button. That said, it does help keep the design of the Oura slick and minimalist.

The KandyPens Oura houses a single touch sensor button
The KandyPens Oura houses a single touch sensor button

When it comes to heat settings – the Oura is able to get crazy hot! More specifically, it’s capable of reaching temperatures from 620F to 1090F via a choice of 4 different settings. It also has a reliable 5-second heat up time. Inside, it has LEDs that illuminate throughout the duration of the session. The Oura vibrates to indicate the end of a one-minute session. The clouds of vapes that the Oura produces are smooth and reliable. But it’s only at higher temperatures that it produces thicker clouds. For bigger clouds, we also recommend waiting until its heating is done before placing a dab on the atomizer.

KandyPens did not cheap out with the Oura – it really comes with everything you need. That includes a quartz crystal atomizer, a ceramic atomizer, a cap with a tether, a Dab tool, a USB-C charging cable, a cleaning kit with four cotton swabs and a carrying bag.

Cleaning the Oura is easy. You can use a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol and wipe it around the atomizer. The bubbler doesn’t need to be regularly cleaned, but when you do, you can pour iso alcohol into it, swish it around and afterward rinse it with water.

The battery life on the Oura is great. It lasts for about thirty 1 minute sessions before needing a charge. When it comes to charging, not only is the device pass-through, but it also supports USB-C fast charging. That said, it requires about 10 minutes of charging time before it will power on. It’s able to charge to full in under an hour. It also has an auto shut off mode which turns the device off automatically after 4 minutes to conserve battery life.

As much as the Oura seems built very well, we did have an incident where the quartz cup that was included cracked after just 3 uses, and the atomizer stopped functioning as a result. Fortunately, KandyPens’ support was super responsive and sent us out a replacement immediately. We have been testing the Oura since then for many uses and haven’t had any issues with the replacement atomizer.

Bottom Line

The KandyPens Oura is everything the Puffco Peak should have been – it’s more durable, albeit, not as flashy, and it comes with all of the accessories you could possibly need. We’ve been using the Oura for several weeks now and we continue to be impressed with how powerful and reliable it is for a little guy. To that effect, it offers the same kind of battery life, heat and vaping performance that we’d expect from a portable rig twice its size.

The KandyPens Oura can be purchased from Vapor.com for a pricey $349.95, but it’s still a better value than its competitor, the Puffco Peak. To top it all off, it comes in a choice of seven colors.

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