Puffco Proxy review: Puffco Proxy is a modular vaporizer that works for both concentrate and herb
Puffco Proxy is a modular vaporizer that works for both concentrate and herb

Puffco Proxy Review: The best vape for dabbing concentrates?

The cleverly designed Puffco Proxy is a modular vaporizer that is compact yet powerful

Puffco Proxy review
Bottom Line
Cleverly designed to look like a traditional pipe, the Puffco Proxy is a modular vaporizer that is compact yet powerful, easy to use, and clean, and it won’t let one bit of precious concentrate go to waste. 
Beautifully designed glass pipe
Stealthy, lightweight, and portable
Smooth, potent, flavorful vapor
Easy to clean
Very efficient use of concentrate material
Gets hot when used multiple times in succession
No wireless charging or automatic shut off
Lack of companion mobile app
Premium price tag

Puffco is no stranger when it comes to disrupting the dabbing market and they are looking to change the game up again, this time with the Proxy. The Proxy is Puffco’s latest drop; it’s billed as a modular vaporizer, and it’s designed to look like a classic pipe. Read on for our in-depth review of the unusual Proxy vaporizer.

About the Puffco Proxy modular vaporizer

You may be thinking to yourself, what the heck is a modular vaporizer? Puffco is collaborating with artisan glass blowers to develop an entire ecosystem of various modules and attachments like water bubblers or flower bowls that will offer unique combinations of customization specifically made for the Proxy. While there aren’t any modules available yet, as the Puffco Proxy was just released, we were dazzled by the previews of the beautiful new custom glass pieces that will soon be released.

Design and portability

Puffco Proxy
The Puffco Proxy has been designed to look like a traditional pipe

The Puffco Proxy comes in three parts. The first and most obvious is the beautifully designed lightweight borosilicate Sherlock Holmes-esque glass pipe and is the initial module available at launch. As mentioned earlier, we expect to see new modules rolling out soon.

We love the pipe’s ombre design with its sleek gradient transition from dark gray to clear and enjoyed watching the tasty vapor flowing through the pipe while we sipped on our favorite concentrates. We appreciate the thoughtful design and attention to detail that has gone into little nuances like how the pipe balances itself when resting on a tabletop. Whether we are taking in a summer sunset at the park or just enjoying an evening stroll through the neighborhood, we are able to enjoy our favorite cannabis concentrates thanks to its stealth and portability.

The second part is the base which acts as the Proxy’s power station and holds the internal battery, USB-C charging port, LED light ring, and power button. The base is wrapped in a sturdy rubberized silicone that is shaped to maximize airflow. In time, the Proxy’s base will be able to adapt and fit into any custom glass device made by various artisan craft glassblowers. But we are most looking forward to the custom glass being teased as the “Bub”, a water bubbler module for the new Puffco Proxy, that will be available in the near future.

That said, we were bummed to discover that there is no wireless charging or Bluetooth, which means the Puffco Proxy can’t take advantage of the companion Puffco mobile app which we’ve come to enjoy using.

The third and final part is the actual 3D coil chamber itself. The Proxy uses similar technology used in the 3D heating chamber of the Puffco Peak Pro but in an even more compact shape and size, sitting at about half the height of the original chamber. The glass carb cap lid provides directional airflow and is strapped on by a silicon strap which takes away any worry about it falling off or losing it somewhere. We love the glazed ceramic and how it incorporates the heating element on the sides, as well as the bottom of the chamber, to ensure that our favorite concentrates are fully and efficiently vaporized. The glazed ceramic chamber also makes cleaning up super simple.

Carrying case

The Puffco Proxy carrying case holds the Puffco Proxy securely in place and includes pockets for storing a dab tool, cleaning swabs, and a USB-C charging cable
The included carrying case holds the Puffco Proxy securely in place and includes pockets for storing a dab tool, cleaning swabs, and a USB-C charging cable.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the Proxy’s small and sturdy carrying case design. The carrying case holds the Puffco Proxy securely in place and includes pockets for storing a dab tool, cleaning swabs, and a USB-C charging cable. There’s even a spot to store an extra chamber but our favorite by far is the slot for storing a few jars of herbal concentrate. We enjoy the ease of keeping everything in one storage case, making it easy to grab and head out the door for our next adventure.

Puff Proxy vape: Performance, 3D chamber and vapor quality

We find using the Proxy to be a very pleasurable experience. We simply load it up with our favorite concentrate extract, close the top cap, tap the power button to choose our heat setting and another quick double tap later gets things cooking for us in no time at all. Once fully heated and ready to use, this takes about 30 seconds, the Proxy’s haptic feedback then buzzes in our hand. However, we are disappointed that the Proxy doesn’t have an automatic shut off when not being used after a certain time period, it simply stays in standby mode. After being disappointed with a red flashing low battery alert once, we made sure to turn off the device after every session moving forward.

The Puffco Proxy delivers potent and flavorful vapor that is super smooth even from a very small dab of herbal concentrate. The best technique we found when using the device is to take small light sips of vapor – as if sipping through a straw, as opposed to strong heavy pulls. We found this especially important when using larger amounts of concentrate, as we noticed significant spillage around the airflow path.

We have also noticed that the chamber is very heat efficient and that it cooks every last bit of concentrate. Each session lasts us around 45 seconds and we enjoy being able to extend it for an extra 10-second boost by double tapping the power button. However, after two consecutive sessions, we felt the device had heated up quite a bit and even more so when boosting. Puffco advises not to boost more than 3 times in a row, or the Proxy may overheat, most likely because of its small compact size.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, the Puffco Proxy doesn’t last as long as we had expected but it makes sense considering the smaller footprint of the Proxy, which means a smaller battery is likely. We are able to enjoy 10-12 solid sessions with an extra boost thrown in here and there before the device began to flash a red low battery alert. Thankfully it only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the Puffco Proxy. And even better, the Proxy has passthrough charging which means the device can be used while it is charging.

However, we are disappointed that the device isn’t app-enabled, as we like being able to use our phone for setting specific heating temperatures and for keeping an eye on exactly how much charge is left.


In order to keep the atomizer lasting as long as possible and avoid having to fork out an extra $60 for a new one, we make sure to always clean the chamber after every session. Keeping the Proxy clean is quick and easy, we use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe out the 3D heating chamber. If the chamber needs a deep clean it can be fully submerged and soaked in isopropyl alcohol, which we appreciate.

Puffco Proxy review verdict

The Puffco Proxy’s ability to attach to any compatible module is going to be a disruptive game changer for the concentrate vaping industry. This is why we were really excited to find out that the Proxy is just the starting point of anyone’s journey into vaping concentrates. The rest is up to users to create their own personalized vaping experience. And even if concentrates are not your thing (yet) and you prefer to combust your flower the old-fashioned way, keep an eye out for the flower chamber which will likely be released in the coming months.

Despite the fact that there are no extra modules available for the Proxy at the time of this review, as a dabbing vaporizer, the Puffco Proxy stands on its own, and we still highly recommend it. That is because this vaporizer’s clever modular design makes it compact yet able to produce smooth, robust vape clouds, it’s easy to use and clean, and it won’t let one bit of precious concentrate go to waste. 

Ultimately, Puffco is reinventing the way people enjoy herbal concentrates with its latest release, the Proxy, a modular portable vaporizer. With a premium price tag of $299 and no extra modules available at launch, we suspect that concentrate connoisseurs will probably make up the majority of early adopters. However, as new modules are released, and the ecosystem expands, we expect a broader audience to take notice and begin creating their own unique customized vaping experiences.

Puffco Proxy Review: FAQs

How does the Puffco Proxy compare to the Puffco Peak Pro?

The Puffco Proxy offers a modular design with customizable options and is recommended for concentrate enthusiasts. In contrast, the Puffco Peak Pro features improved heating, a mobile app, and a premium experience, albeit at a higher cost.

How long does it take for the Puffco Proxy to heat up?

The Puffco Proxy typically takes about 30 seconds to reach the desired heat setting. This quick heat-up time allows users to start their session without much waiting.

Can the Puffco Proxy vaporize both concentrates and dry herbs?

Yes, the Puffco Proxy is designed to vaporize both concentrates and flowers. It features an attachment (a flower chamber) that allows for a customizable experience.

Is the Puffco Proxy easy to clean?

Yes, the Puffco Proxy is quite easy to clean. Users can sanitize the heating chamber without a hitch.

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