Puffco Peak review: Can this smart rig replace a traditional rig?

The future of dabbing has arrived

Puffco Peak Review
Bottom Line
The beautifully designed Puffco Peak offers a long-lasting, portable dabbing experience that produces super tasty clouds of vapor.
Futuristic design
Produces big tasty clouds of vapor
Quick charging and long lasting battery
Rugged styrofoam travel case
Uneven heating means wasted herbal concentrate
Cap falls off easily without the use of extra tether strap, which costs extra
Unable to be controlled via an app

Puffco Peak Overview:
The Peak is Puffco’s first “smart-rig” and it’s going head-to-head with other battery-powered e-rigs on the market. Its beautiful styling and design features an elegantly tapered glass mouthpiece with a rugged silicone base that’s partially wrapped in glossy black chrome. The haptic feedback and lightweight yet heavy-duty storage case are just a few of the bells and whistles that separate it from the competition.

Battery Performance:
Thanks to the Peak’s quick charging, it only takes about two hours to get up and running. Setup doesn’t get much easier than filling the glass mouthpiece with water, snapping it into the silicon-coated base and then dropping a dab of your favorite concentrate into the ceramic chamber. The Peak’s haptic feedback buzzes while powering on, cycling through the four different heat settings and when the device is ready to use.

Travel Pack Accessory Kit:
As the device heats up the glass cap sits on top of the heating chamber, which has an annoying tendency to fall off if the Peak isn’t kept level. Puffco now offers a Travel Pack accessory kit for $20 that includes a tether (as well as a splash cap and cotton swab holder) in order to address this issue. Consistently tasty sessions can be expected thanks to the device’s intelligent temperature calibration.

Using the Peak with a large group of friends, along with an abundance of herbal concentrate at our disposal, was an absolute blast. Passing the device around drew a lot of oohs and ahhs from the crowd while admirers kept asking how they could get their hands on one. Taking long and slow draws worked best for creating huge tasty potent clouds. Faring better than expected in a group setting, the battery lasted about 25 rounds before needing a full recharge.

Upon closer inspection during a solo session, it was apparent that the ceramic chamber doesn’t heat evenly, evident by the puddle of concentrate that pooled around the dish. While using the included metal tool to push the puddle back into the center seemed to help a bit, this cumbersome step wasn’t ideal.

After multiple uses, a burnt spot appeared in the center of the dish where the heating element below resides. Disassembling the atomizer showed exactly where the ceramic dish was being heated and not heated. Puffco recommends wiping the chamber clean with a cotton swab after each use, which seems like a waste, especially when concentrate has pooled.

Traveling with the Peak is a breeze thanks to the lightweight yet sturdy styrofoam case that keeps everything inside safe and in-place. Just don’t be surprised to get some strange looks or even pulled aside for extra screening by airport security (yes, this really happened) as this device looks less like a vape and more like a futuristic lava lamp when going through x-ray machines.

Bottom Line

At an entry price point of $379.99, the Puffco Peak allows new players to the game to get easily started with this all-in-one unit that delivers tasty clouds, session after session. Ideally, it’s recommended to spend the extra $20 to get the travel pack accessory kit for the best experience. While the Peak uses intelligent temperature calibration, it still lacks the ability to be controlled via mobile app in order to truly customize the vaping experience. Hopefully, that’s something we can look forward to in version 2.0.

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