The Time-C smartwatch tells you how the environment is affecting your health

Get notifications when the degraded environment starts to sap your vitality!

IEVA, a personalized health and beauty company, announced a new addition to its line of wearables today when the company unveiled the Time-C smartwatch. IEVA looks to differentiate the Time-C from thousands of competing smartwatches by catering to environmentalists and other eco-conscious buyers.

Like most smartwatches, the Time-C measures heart rate, counts steps, and tracks your sleep, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to tracking physical activity, this watch also monitors the environment around you. Time-C collects important data such as sun exposure, humidity, and CO2 / VOC air pollution. IEVA says the data collected by Time-C is useful to both the wearer as well as the climate science community at large.

On a personal level, the information is analyzed and used to provide health tips and suggestions. As highlighted by the company, environmental factors “affect multiple areas of health,” including hair and skin health, fatigue, heart and lung function, and even cognition. IEVA hopes Time-C will help the wearer become more in tune with their body and environment and use the data to make better health decisions. Additionally, some data is shared with scientists and meteorologists to refine weather forecasts.

Time-C boasts a more luxurious feel than your typical health-centric smartwatch. The body is made of stainless steel, while the dial is covered in sapphire crystal. The watch displays much of the data it collects with just the press of a button, with an accompanying app available that can provide more in-depth information.

The IEVA Time-C smartwatch is expected to start at $490. The company says to look forward to a Q1 launch.