Hilarious New Year’s resolutions that will make you LoL

Because living up to our new year’s resolutions can be quite the challenge

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The tradition of new year’s resolutions dates back to ancient Babylonian times yet it has managed to stick around over the ages. To that effect, every new year brings with it more folks making new resolutions.

But promising to drink more water, or stick to a healthy gym routine will pale in comparison to these new year’s resolutions that will leave rolling on the floor laughing. Read on to kick off the new decade with a laugh!

#1 Patience is a virtue

Twitter @AllisonRaskin

We hope she’ll reach her goals soon, and by soon, we mean right now!

#2 Dream downsizing

Twitter @ariscott

Don’t ever downsize your dreams! This might be the year that you get signed to a record label. Also, not starving and dying sounds nice.

#3 We know, right? Lol


We think that “lol” makes everything more light-hearted and friendly, so why give it up? Lol!

#4 Accidental tweet


Some of us contemplate for a long period of time before we hit that tweet button. It’s important to check for any grammatical errors or misplaced punctuation marks. Also, working with only 280 characters can be a tough one when you’ve got a lot to say. On the other hand, some of us are way too excited to get our tweet out there that we accidentally hit send even before our sentence is complete. Admit it, it has happened to the best of us!

#5 Spend that money!


If you love your money, you should let it go. Now, when you put it that way, it makes sense. Maybe  we can simplify this new year’s resolution into this: Let’s go shopping.

#6 Bad mix


Mixing sleeping pills with laxatives can only lead to two scenarios, and neither is pretty.

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#7 How to give up alcohol


This has got to be the most misleading new year’s resolution we’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s just a simple demonstration of how essential punctuation marks are.

#8 The life goal loop


Initially, it may look like this person hasn’t achieved any of their life goals, since his new year’s resolution is the same every year, right? But when you think about it, maybe he has several life goals and he’s spreading them out over the years to keep things interesting.

#9 We don’t roll that way


We would usually ask what this guy doesn’t roll with, but we won’t, because we don’t roll that way.

#10 First impression


It’s always a good idea to make a good first impression. You know, show people how well-mannered and polite you are. And once you’ve gained their trust, shock them with your true colors!

#11 Relationship status


When you update your Facebook details, make sure to change your relationship status from forever alone to slightly desperate. It may not look better, but at least it’s honest?

#12 Weight watching


This one is a bit of a head-turner, but, we hear ya.

#13 Don’t give up!


Setting 9 new year’s resolutions is actually a great idea. That way, as you gradually start to give up on them, you’ll have a few backups. As long as you stick to at least one of them…

#14 A real boyfriend


Being a proud cat owner is fantastic, but maybe it’s time to stop using him as an excuse for a boyfriend, and actually get out there to find a real one. You know, an actual person. Maybe you two can take care of your cat together?

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#15 We want tacos!


Eating tacos should be a human right.

#16 Overcoming OCD


Believe in yourself and you can overcome anything. Believe in yourself and you can overcome anything. Believe in yourself and you can overcome anything.

#17  May we be assertive?


Being more assertive throughout the year is a great new year’s resolution! However, you shouldn’t ask permission from people to be assertive!

#18 Read more


If your new year’s resolution is to learn more about world history, we highly recommend starting with these three books.

#19 Directions from Siri


That’s right, we can get lost all by ourselves and we can do that perfectly without your help, Siri! Thank you very much.

#20 High-Def


Since the year 2020 is being associated with clarity and perfect vision, we could not have said it better than this guy. All our new year’s resolutions should be no less than 1080p!

#21 Brownie calories


This is a sign from the food gods. They’re telling us to burn calories at the gym, not in the oven.

#22 Cellphone is life


This is quite an accurate description of what this entire generation is about.

#23 Cat resolution


Our precious feline friends have new year’s resolutions too. And no, it’s not to take over the world in a Catastrophe.

#24 New year’s procrastination


Going to the gym is our biggest adversary, but we promise to go tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that…

#25 No resolutions


This new year’s resolution may not be funny, but it’s the best one yet. Let’s just do the right thing all day, every day. Here’s to making no new year’s resolutions anymore!



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