Hilarious life fails

Relish in some of the most hilarious life fails ever uploaded onto the internet

We can’t always be pros at life. There will be times when we’ll fail… epically. This list celebrates hilarious life fails.

Don’t be ashamed to admit it; we all have a brain fart once in a while, and that’s totally okay. You might forget your phone’s password for a few seconds after being disoriented from pulling an all-nighter. You might even misspell your friend’s name by accident, or spill a chocolate drink all over your newly washed white sweater. Other times, you might even get up at 6 am, get dressed, and rush out the door knowing that you’re late for work, only to realize that it’s a Sunday. It’s frustrating, but it happens to the best of us. In these situations, it’s best to take things in stride and laugh it off!

Remember, don’t take life too seriously even when you mess up. Otherwise, it’ll give you crow’s feet. Choose to laugh at your life fails, and you’ll have laugh lines instead!

So, if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, you’re welcome to relish in some of the most hilarious life fails ever uploaded onto the internet. We’d also like to give a shoutout to these people for openly sharing their sidesplitting life fails for netizens’ entertainment. After all, laughter is healthy.

#1 Young at heart

There are moments when we’d just like to feel like a kid again, and run around on the playground. You know, just to feel the thrill of climbing on the monkey bars, the wind in your hair when you swing as high as you can, the panic when you get stuck in a spiral ladder. Yeah, you live here now.

#2 Can vs. can opener

Credit: imgur Demiguise

This brave can opener fought a noble battle, but he didn’t live to tell the tale. We hope that that stubborn can of tomato sauce soon meets its match!

#3 Tiny drinking fountain?

Source: Twitter @LamarTheLeo

We wonder how long it took her to realize that this isn’t a drinking fountain. Moreover, we wonder how much soap she used to clean her tongue after this gross epic fail…

#4 Food catastrophe

Source: Twitter @desi_4018

You know that moment when you’re really hungry, and you decide to make yourself a nice microwave dinner, but it explodes? Well, this is what it looks like.

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#5 Faceplant

Source: Twitter @desi_4018

The artist of this sculpture is a true genius. It takes some real talent to create a bust this magnificent, and it takes only one second to drop it flat on its face.

#6 If the shoe fits…wear them in different styles

Source: reddit SirSpankalott

We’re all for being fashion-forward and taking style risks, but something tells us that this shoe mismatch was not on purpose.

#7 Congratulations, you almost won the lottery

Source:  Reddit | abdouyelles

This has gotta be one of the most painful photos in the history of painful photos. Truly, you can feel the pain radiating from the almost-millionaire holding this lottery ticket. Look at those winning numbers…just mocking us.

#8 Snowed in

Source: Twitter Xingua92

The photo speaks for itself. We hope you’ve already done your groceries,  because it looks like someone is going to be hibernating for the winter.

#9 The broken swing

Source: The Chive

This must’ve hurt really bad; both physically and emotionally. Do you think he’ll ever look at swings the same way again?

#10 Catch ya later, alligator

Source: reddit PraxAttacks

If you dropped your phone in an alligator’s den, would you have the guts to get it back? Maybe he’ll give it back if you ask politely?

#11 Smoothie mark I

Source: imgur Haganblount

We hope that the mark II of this healthy smoothie won’t cause collateral damage to this guy’s kitchen.

#12 Just one bite

Source: Reddit | Yakev

We don’t care how good this apple looked, it’s obviously fake and it surely tasted like plastic. Wait…what if it was Snow White who bit into it?

#13 Player got played

Source: Reddit | me_irl

This guy tried to hit on 39 girls at the same time… in a group chat. Wow, karma works fast.

#14 The great cart bridge

Source: Reddit | JDPComedy

These shopping carts have one message for you, and it seems pretty clear: You shall not retrieve your car. It’s ours now.

#15 The toilet paper train

Reddit | callmemom

There are many ways to make a fashion statement, like wearing a long-trained dress, sporting colorful hair, or by dragging around some toilet paper. Whichever you pick, you go, girl!

#16 The universe hates you

Source: Reddit | me_irl

Imagine waiting at a fast-food chain, eager to eat that burger, fries, and large soda you ordered. Sounds good, right? Now, imagine what it would be like when they skip your number on the screen. What does the universe have against you?

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#17 The grammar police disapproves

Source: 9gag

Tips when getting a tattoo: 1. Choose a good tattoo. 2. Be mentally and physically prepared. 3. Check the spelling before they immortalize it onto your skin.

#18 No onions

Source: Instagram | @theyamgram

There are times when people get exactly what they ask for. Then, there are times when they get the exact opposite. The good news is you can just remove the onions… right?

#19 Baby’s baking lessons

Source: instagram @theellenshow

Babies are blessings. Not just because they’re cute and lovable, but because they can turn your couch into a cake.

#20 The ceiling fan fail

Source: 9gag

One of the greatest human traits is curiosity, like when this guy asked why they have a framed photo of their ceiling fan. Another great human characteristic is realizing when we’ve said something weird, and own up to it, like when he finally realized that this was actually a mirror.

#21 Magical extension cord

Source: Twitter @ShittyLifeFails

If this guy can pull this off, we will never ever have to pay an electricity bill again. How hilarious and environmentally friendly would that be?

#22 Dog poop armageddon

Source:  imgur Morty

Your puppy is cute, but dog poop on the floor isn’t. But you know what’s even worse? When the Roomba tries to clean it up…

#23 Seagull attack

Source: imgur Se7enOne

Just when you find the perfect lighting to take a photo of your ice cream, a vicious seagull swoops in. We don’t know how we feel about this.

#24  Doing the laundry is easy

Source: imgur stevezease

Washing your clothes is a simple task. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like its going to burst into fla-…

#25  How to not clean your hot tub

Source: imgur sticknpucker

This guy thought that pouring dishwashing liquid into the hot tub would be a quick way to clean it. Well, he wasn’t wrong, but…

#26 Soap flavored chocolate

Source: imgur ThePhantom777

You should probably trust your taste buds when you think that a treat tastes kind of funny. Because when chocolate tastes like soap… it’s definitely soap.

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