Hilarious face masks to wear during lock down and beyond

Might as well invest in a silly face mask because we’ll all be wearing them for a while

As fear and uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic continue to grow, putting a smile on someone’s face during this difficult time can make a huge difference. While there are a lot of ways to lift the spirits of others during this crisis, one of the easiest is by wearing silly face masks in public. If you don’t have one yet, below are some hilarious face masks you may want to purchase for your next trip to the outside world.

#1 Joe Exotic face mask, $20

Can’t get over of Netflix’s messy yet gripping docuseries Tiger King? Then this Joe Exotic face mask is perfect for you! Covered in a photo of Exotic’s lower half face, which includes his signature horseshoe mustache, this PPE will surely attract eyeballs.