Here’s why that Starbucks cup ended up in the latest Game of Thrones episode

Was coffee the secret to Winterfell’s resilience during The Long Night?

Here's why that Starbucks cup ended up in the latest Game of Thrones episode 1

The latest episode of Game of Thrones inadvertently showed a Starbucks coffee cup in one scene. Viewers of the hit show are now asking, “How exactly did it get there?”

In Game of Thrones, it’s not uncommon for characters to eat or drink in certain scenes. In fact, many of the show’s set pieces have been written around gatherings and festivities wherein food and drink are present. The latest episode is no exception.

What makes the most recent episode of the show different is the fact that a stray cup of Starbucks coffee apparently made its way onto a table without anyone noticing. Now fans of the show have taken to the internet to talk about this perplexing but rather amusing mishap.

The Starbucks coffee scene

Beware, ***spoilers ahead***.

The scene in question features a few prominent characters sitting and talking amongst themselves, following their battle with the army of the dead.

At first, the camera is focused on Tormund, who is standing and talking about Jon Snow who happens to be sitting right next to him. After their close-up shot, the camera goes wide to reveal Daenerys sitting down right behind Jon, with the infamous Starbucks cup just an arm’s length away from her.

It’s not certain that the cup is Dany’s, and it isn’t taken by anyone to drink during the few seconds that it’s on-screen. However, the fact remains that it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

A funny mistake or deliberate?

While this may just be the result of a simple mistake on the part of those in charge of props on the show, some chuckle-worthy theories have been posted online about it. By far, the best one has to be the idea that the Starbucks cup was placed deliberately on the table to show that set lighting is adequate. Otherwise, it shouldn’t have been noticed like many supposed scenes in the episode before.

In any case, Winterfell has made it through the long night, and its actors are certainly getting paid enough to afford a cup or two. Since the show’s about to end pretty soon, would you let this one slide?

Whether you do or not, however, may be irrelevant, as the show’s Executive Producer Bernie Caulfield has admitted that it was the result of an honest mistake. We guess all those theories, no matter how funny, can now be put to bed.

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