HBO has edited out the infamous Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones

It was funny while it lasted

HBO has edited out the infamous Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones 1

Remember the Starbucks cup that accidentally found its way onto the set of the last Game of Thrones episode? It is now no more, as HBO has decided to edit of out of the shot wherein it appears.

It was a fun little mishap that the world quickly noticed and had a bit of fun with, but the show’s producers, HBO, has decided that it needs to go. Prior to this move, the show’s executive producer went on record to say that its appearance was indeed a mistake. It has since been followed up by a statement on Twitter posted by the official GoT account itself.

The account clearly states that the “latte” that can be seen in the show’s last episode was simply a mistake on their part. They also made a joke about it actually being a cup of tea.

As of this time’s writing, the Starbucks cup can’t be seen anymore if you try to catch the episode through digital services such as HBO Go. There is just an empty spot on the table where the cup used to be.

It’s a good thing that photo evidence as well as old copies of the last episode already exist, otherwise, those who are making jokes about the coffee cup that’s out of time would seem like they were out of their minds. In any case, the mistake on the show caused a bit of harmless fun, but HBO absolutely did the right thing in taking it out.

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