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Hello Kitty Gone Wild

This list of crazy Hello Kitty fan art will change the way you look at the iconic Sanrio character

Originally created for preadolescent females, Hello Kitty is typically depicted as a bright, sweet, and kindhearted girl. These admirable traits, plus her cute and innocent look, have made her a global phenomenon, not only among kids but among adults as well. In fact, the most popular Sanrio character has gained a cult-like following among grown-ups, especially in Asia, where cars, jewelry, and many other high-end consumer products are adorned with her likeness.

However, because of Hello Kitty’s rather plain appearance, some fans have begun to find official Hello Kitty merchandise boring and monotonous. So in an effort to make their favorite kawaii character more interesting, artistically-inclined fans have started to reimagine Hello Kitty in a completely new light through different kinds of fan art.

Since Hello Kitty is always portrayed as a perpetual third grader in the mainstream media, lots of Hello Kitty fan art show Kitty White — Hello Kitty’s real name — as an adult. Interestingly, the majority of this type of fan art is very sexy in nature, reimagining Hello Kitty with an enormous bosom, huge butt, and super curvy body.

There is also some fan art that reinterprets Hello Kitty as someone who has an entirely different personality. Examples of those pieces of artwork include emo Hello Kitty, punk Hello Kitty, and gansta Hello Kitty.

And because Hello Kitty has a pretty basic look, she has also become a favorite subject for crossover art.  Some of the pop culture characters that Hello Kitty has been paired with to create a mashup art include Pikachu, Sailor Moon, Mario, Optimus Prime, and Hannibal Lecter, among many others.

Surprisingly, Hello Kitty fan art is not limited to digital art, as there are also a number of unbelievable Hello Kitty fan art that come in the form of paper craft, food art, a functional gas mask, and even a Ghostbusters’ proton pack. Check out all of these as well as other crazy pieces of Hello Kitty fan art in our special list below.

#1 Ghoul Hello Kitty

Ghoul Hello Kitty
Photo Credit: James Flaxman / jflaxman
Interesting facts about BTS
  • The group name, “BTS” stands for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. Band member J-Hope said that they chose this name because it represents BTS’s desire “to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim on adolescents like bullets.” But that isn’t the only meaning behind the name. In 2017, BTS said, as part of their new brand identity, that their name would also stand for Beyond the Scene” which extended their name to mean “growing youth BTS who is going beyond the realities they are facing, and going forward.”
  • BTS was originally intended to be a hip-hop group, similar to YG Entertainment’s 1TYM. This was because Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si-hyuk met with RM and was very impressed by his rapping talents. However, Bang Si-hyuk changed his mind and decided that today’s youth needed “a hero who can lend them a shoulder to lean on, even without speaking a single word.”
  • BTS has said that all of the following musicians have inspired their music; Post Malone, Eminem, Seo Taiji and Boys, Nas, Kanye West, Drake, Charlie Puth, Danger, and Queen.
  • The band’s first English-language single, “Dynamite”, was released on August 21st. Its video broke the YouTube record for the most viewed music video premiere, grabbing the attention of three million viewers, and it set a new record for the most viewed video on the first day of release. “Dynamite” is also the first music video on YouTube to surpass 100 million views in less than one day.
  • BTS has been often labeled as “easily the biggest and most successful name in K-pop in the world” that can “do things no other name in their genre can.” Time magazine has gone as far as calling them the “Princes of Pop.”