Hasbro’s interactive Chewbacca doll is destined to be bigger than Tickle Me Elmo

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie is so cute, it hurts

This is a cuteness level that must be from a galaxy far, far away, because it is far more adorable than any Star Wars toys we have on this planet.

If you ever thought to yourself that “I’d love to be friends with a lovable Chewbacca”, then first of all you’re not alone – me too!

Secondly, you are in luck, as Hasbro is about to release a furry interactive Chewie you can cuddle up. This amazing 16-inch tall furry version of Han Solo’s best mate, Chewbacca, will be released in the fall.

This Star Wars toy is packed with features; it roars and also has sensors for detecting movement and sound. Its interactivity levels don’t stop there either, as it will even fall asleep when you give it a cuddle.

Chewie has been in development for around 18 months, and is based off of Hasbro’s Furreal technology.

The toy, which is called “Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie”, is set to hit shelves at a price of around $129.99 in the Fall.

It won’t make it out in time for the Han Solo movie, but nonetheless, we reckon this one will be a hit with both adults and kids alike.

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