Nostalgic Golden Girls, LOST, and Grey’s Anatomy lunch boxes celebrate your favorite ABC shows

These retro lunch boxes are inspired by classic ABC TV shows

Grey's Anatomy lunch box
Grey's Anatomy lunch box

Lunchtime is about to get a dose of old-school magic with these retro lunch boxes inspired by timeless ABC TV shows. These exclusive lunch boxes will make you relive your school playground days. Collect all the retro lunchboxes; from The Golden Girls and LOST all the way to Grey’s Anatomy. 

Each vintage lunch box is made with convenient collapsible handles, sleek embossed details, and nostalgic charm. Plus, they might even encourage you to re-watch your favorite TV series while you enjoy a sandwich!

The Golden Girls cast retro lunch box

The Golden Girls Lunch Box
The Golden Girls retro lunch box

The Golden Girls most likely invented the concept of savage sassiness, and now they’re making a special appearance on these retro lunchboxes. With Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche smiling at you from your lunch box, there’s no way you wouldn’t laugh out loud. Each side of this tin lunch box nods towards an iconic episode starring these hilarious gal pals.

The Golden Girls retro lunch box retails for $21.99.

Grey’s Anatomy cast retro lunch box

Grey's Anatomy retro lunch box
Grey’s Anatomy retro lunch box

This is an emergency! Grey’s Anatomy means business on this retro lunch box that pays homage to the stellar cast. Depicting Cristina Yang, Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, and Alex Karev, among others, you’ll low-key be solving medical mysteries as you munch on your burrito during your lunchbreak.

The Grey’s Anatomy retro lunch box retails for $21.99.

LOST cast retro lunch box

LOST retro lunch box
LOST retro lunch box

You’ll be the most popular kid in school (or at work) when you show up to the caferteria with this LOST tin tote. Crafted with intricate embossed graphics, you might even feel like you’re stranded with cast on an island while you take swigs from your cola.

Each side panel also features solo images of popular characters from the series. It’s a blast from the past that unravels secrets and mysteries of the island…just try not to get lost in the process.

The Grey’s Anatomy retro lunch box retails for $21.99.

Pricing and availability

These exclusively licensed retro lunch boxes are available at for $21.99 each.

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