Sam Altman net worth in 2024: Discover how the OpenAI founder became a billionaire

Here are Sam Altman’s ventures and investments that propelled him to billionaire status

Sam Altman

OpenAI’s groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence put Sam Altman on the map, but did the research organization solely propel him to billionaire status? In this article, we will examine the financial relationship between Altman and OpenAI, while also exploring the other ventures that contributed to his immense wealth. Continue reading below to discover how Altman’s vision and leadership not only shaped the future of AI but also secured his place among the world’s financial elite.

What is the net worth of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman?

Sam Altman’s net worth in May 2024 varies depending on the source. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Altman’s net worth is estimated to be around 2 billion USD. However, based on Forbes’ real-time billionaires list, Altman is only worth 1 billion USD.

While Altman is best known as the CEO and one of the founders of OpenAI, the majority of his wealth doesn’t come from his role in the AI research and deployment company.

How much does Sam Altman make as the CEO of OpenAI?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research and development company. Its primary focus is on ensuring that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is developed safely and beneficially for humanity. It researches advanced AI technologies, develops and deploys AI tools and applications, and makes its findings publicly available.

OpenAI has a hybrid structure consisting of:

  • Non-profit: OpenAI Inc., a non-profit organization.
  • For-profit subsidiary: OpenAI LP, which allows it to attract investments for research.
  • Capped-profit model: This limits profits from OpenAI LP, ensuring excess earnings are reinvested in research or social good initiatives.

OpenAI was founded in December 2015 by a group of influential figures in tech and AI that includes Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, and Greg Brockman. Although briefly fired and reinstated in November 2023, Altman has been the CEO of OpenAI since 2019.

There isn’t publicly available information on Altman’s specific salary as CEO of OpenAI. But because OpenAI operates with a significant non-profit element, his salary is likely lower than what CEOs of similar-sized for-profit tech companies typically earn.

Does Sam Altman have equity in OpenAI?

No. Sam Altman doesn’t have equity in OpenAI and instead owes his wealth to his investments, including stakes in Stripe, Reddit, and nuclear fusion firm Helion.

How much does Sam Altman make as the chairman of Oklo, Inc.?

Oklo, Inc. is a nuclear energy company developing next-generation fission reactors. Its focus is on smaller, safer, and more efficient nuclear reactors, including the Aurora Powerhouse microreactor which produces 15 MW of electrical power. Oklo, Inc. aims to provide clean, reliable, and affordable nuclear energy for various sectors like data centers, utilities, and industrial applications. In May 2024, Oklo went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “OKLO.”

Sam Altman serves as the chairman of the board for Oklo. He has held this position since 2015. There is no publicly available information on how much Sam Altman makes as chairman. His roles typically involve overseeing the board and providing strategic guidance, but compensation for such responsibilities can vary depending on factors like company size and industry standards.

How much does Sam Altman make as the chairman of Helion Energy?

Helion Energy is a fusion energy company focusing on developing commercially viable nuclear fusion power. Its approach involves using a field-reversed configuration to achieve fusion, aiming for clean and sustainable energy generation. Helion is working towards demonstrating net electricity production from fusion in 2024 and its long-term goal is to provide abundant and affordable electricity with minimal carbon footprint.

In November 2021, they secured a significant funding round of 500 million USD, with Sam Altman being the lead investor. In addition to being the lead investor, Sam also serves as the chairman of the board for Helion Energy – a position he has held since at least 2015. Unfortunately, as is the case with Oklo, Inc., There is no public information available on how much Altman makes as the chairman of Helion Energy.

How much did Sam Altman make from Loopt?

Loopt was a location-based social networking mobile application. It allowed users to share their location with friends and see the location of others who had opted in.

Founded in 2005 by Sam Altman (at the age of 19) and others, Loopt was one of the first movers in the location-sharing app space. It gained some traction but ultimately struggled to compete with other platforms. In March 2012, Loopt was acquired by Green Dot Corporation for $43.4 million.

Aside from being a co-founder of Loopt, Altman also served as its CEO. The exact amount he made from Loopt isn’t publicly available. However, Time Magazine reported that he netted 5 million USD from the acquisition. Although, Altman suggested in an interview that there might be some discrepancies in this specific figure.

How much did Sam Altman make from startup accelerator Y Combinator?

As a startup accelerator, Y Combinator (YC) invests seed funding in early-stage startups, provides mentorship, and connects them with a network of investors and alumni. YC has been a launchpad for numerous tech giants like Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and DoorDash. It has played a major role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech sector.

Sam Altman had a significant tenure at YC. In 2011, he joined YC as a partner, initially working part-time. He became president in February 2014 and vacated the position in March 2019 to focus on OpenAI.

The exact amount Sam Altman made from YC is unknown due to a lack of publicly available information. But as a partner, he likely receives a share of the profits generated by successful companies they invest in. Also, some venture capital firms offer a “carry” to partners, a percentage of profits from successful exits (acquisitions or IPOs) of their investments. If YC has such a structure, Altman could have benefited from it.

How much did Sam Altman make as the CEO of Reddit?

Sam Altman served as the temporary CEO of the social media company Reddit for eight days in 2014, following the resignation of CEO Yishan Wong. Altman’s role was likely intended to be a bridge between Wong’s departure and the appointment of a permanent CEO. Steve Huffman, a co-founder of Reddit, returned as CEO on July 10, 2015. Unfortunately, there’s no publicly available information on how much Altman was paid for his brief stint as CEO of Reddit.

What companies has Sam Altman invested in?

As mentioned above, Sam Altman owes the majority of his wealth to his investments. He is a prolific investor with a focus on early-stage startups. Here’s a breakdown of his investment activities:

  • Sectors: His investments span a wide range, including artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, healthcare, energy, and more. Recently, he’s shown interest in fintech payment systems.
  • Investment range: Altman typically invests between 100,000 to 5 million USD, with a sweet spot of 1.5 million USD.
  • Number of investments: Estimates vary, but it’s likely around 144 startups, with a focus on seed and Series A funding rounds.

While a complete list is unavailable publicly, some of his notable investments include:

  • Established companies: Stripe (fintech), Reddit (social media)
  • Recent investments: Apex (network management software)
  • Other areas of interest: Nuclear energy (Helion), longevity research (Retro Biosciences)

Is Sam Altman richer than Elon Musk?

No, Elon Musk is much richer than Sam Altman.  Elon Musk is currently estimated to be worth around 195 billion USD, while Sam Altman’s net worth, as mentioned above, is estimated to be around 2 billion USD.

Sources: Bloomberg, Forbes
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