Top 13 Elliot Page movies and TV shows

Discover the best of Elliot Page: A compilation of his top 13 movies and TV shows

Top 12 Elliot Page movies and TV shows
From Juno to The Umbrella Academy, here's a look at some of Elliot Page's best work.

Elliot Page is a name that resonates with immense talent, versatility, and a profound ability to captivate audiences. With a career spanning over two decades, Page has established himself as one of the most influential and respected actors of his generation.

From critically acclaimed independent films to blockbuster hits and groundbreaking television series, Page’s work showcases his extraordinary range and dedication to his craft.

In this article, we will delve into 13 Elliot Page movies and TV shows, showcasing the diversity of his roles and the breadth of his abilities.

Marion Bridge (2002)

Elliot Page in Marion Bridge (2002)
Elliot Page as Joanie in a still from Marion Bridge (2002)

In the Canadian TV movie Marion Bridge, Agnes (Molly Parker) grapples with addiction and self-destructive behavior as she returns to her Nova Scotia hometown to care for her terminally ill mother, Rose (Marguerite McNeil) along with her two estranged sisters, Theresa (Rebecca Jenkins) and Louise (Stacy Smith).

Elliot’s role as Joanie adds a layer of complexity to the story as she was conceived through a traumatic event involving Agnes’s father. Joanie becomes the center of Agnes’s focus, prompting her to frequently visit a gift shop with the hope of fostering a relationship.

Page’s exceptional performance in Marion Bridge earned him a well-deserved ACTRA Maritimes Award in 2003 for Outstanding Female Performance.

Wilby Wonderful (2004)

Ellen Page and Caleb Langille in Wilby Wonderful (2004)
Elliot Page as Emily Anderson and Caleb Langille as Taylor in Wilby Wonderful (2004).

In the indie comedy Wilby Wonderful, Elliot Page shines as the supporting cast Emily Anderson, a troubled teenager grappling with her identity and seeking connection in a small Canadian town called Wilby.

The story revolves around a day in the lives of various townspeople, each dealing with their secrets and desires. Page’s portrayal brings charm, depth, and authenticity to the character, capturing the nuances of Emily’s experiences and emotions.

With an ensemble cast and a clever script, the film is a delightful surprise that showcases Page’s comedic talents as he navigates the town’s eccentricities and complex relationships.

Hard Candy (2005)

Elliot Page and Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy (2005): Elliot Page movies and TV shows
Elliot Page as Hayley Starkin and Patrick Wilson as Jeff Kohlver in Hard Candy (2005).

In Hard Candy, Elliot Page takes on the role of Hayley Stark, a 14-year-old girl who engages in an intense psychological cat-and-mouse game with a suspected child predator named Jeff (played by Patrick Wilson).

After forming an online connection, Hayley agrees to meet Jeff in person, but as the encounter unfolds, it becomes clear that Hayley is not the vulnerable victim she initially portrayed herself to be.

With a profoundly unsettling and chilling performance, Page displays Hayley’s unwavering determination and manipulative tactics as she seeks to expose Jeff’s true nature.

Hard Candy

Juno (2007)

Elliot Page and Jason Bateman in Juno
Jason Bateman as Mark Loring and Elliot Page as the titular character Juno in a still from the film

In the romantic comedy Juno, directed by Jason Reitman, Elliot Page delivers a captivating performance as Juno MacGuff, a quick-witted, independent-minded teenager who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. Juno decides to carry the baby to term and considers giving it up for adoption.

Throughout the film, Page brings Juno to life with a perfect blend of vulnerability, humor, and resilience as the character navigates the complexities of teenage pregnancy, relationships, and self-discovery.

His portrayal garnered critical acclaim, and it’s also the reason Page earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, showcasing his exceptional talent and ability to captivate audiences with his charismatic and authentic performance.

Smart People (2008)

Elliot Page in Smart People
Dennis Quaid as Lawrence Wetherhold and Elliot Page as Vanessa Wetherhold in a still from Smart People (2008)

In the film Smart People (2008), Elliot Page portrays the character of Vanessa Wetherhold, the daughter of the protagonist Lawrence Wetherhold (played by Dennis Quaid). Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Janet Hartigan, Lawrence’s former student.

As the story unfolds, Vanessa forms a bond with Janet, who becomes romantically involved with her father. The film revolves around the interactions and relationships within the Wetherhold family, particularly between Lawrence, Vanessa, and Janet.

Whip It (2009)

Ellen Page in Whip It (2009)
Elliot Page as Bliss Cavendar in Whip It (2009).

Elliot Page takes the lead as Bliss Cavendar in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, Whip It. The film follows the story of Bliss, a small-town girl who discovers her passion for roller derby.

Feeling suffocated by the expectations placed upon her, Bliss joins a roller derby team called the Hurl Scouts and adopts the alter ego Babe Ruthless. As she becomes more involved in the world of roller derby, Bliss faces personal challenges, navigates complex friendships, and learns valuable lessons about self-expression and embracing her true identity.

Set in Texas, this coming-of-age comedy-drama showcases Page’s talent and contributes to the film’s overall success. Whip It is a testament to both Page’s acting prowess and Drew Barrymore’s skill as a director, making it a memorable and enjoyable feel-good flick.

Super (2010)

Elliot Page in dark comedy film, Super (2010)
Elliot Page as Libby/Boltie in a still from the dark comedy film Super (2010)

Directed by James Gunn and featuring standout performances by Elliot Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and Ellen Page, Super provides an unconventional take on the superhero genre, offering a thought-provoking and offbeat exploration of what it truly means to be a hero.

The story revolves around Frank Darbo, played by Rainn Wilson, a short-order cook who transforms into a vigilante superhero who calls himself “The Crimson Bolt.” In his journey to becoming a superhero, Frank encounters Libby (Elliot Page), a store clerk at a comic book shop who becomes his enthusiastic sidekick, adopting the persona of “Boltie.”

Together, they deliver brutal justice to various criminals, gaining media attention and public support. However, their actions become increasingly violent, with Libby displaying an unstable and dangerous nature, effectively blurring the line between hero and villain.

Inception (2010)

Elliot Page and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception
Elliot Page as Ariadne and Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb in a still from Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

In Inception, Elliot Page portrays the character of Ariadne, a talented architecture student recruited into a team of skilled individuals who specialize in the art of extraction—entering people’s dreams to steal information.

Ariadne serves as the team’s architect, responsible for constructing the dreamscapes where their missions take place. As the story unfolds, Page brings intelligence and inquisitiveness to Ariadne’s character, questioning the nature of dreams and exploring the intricate layers of the film’s complex narrative.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Elliot Page and Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Elliot Page as Kitty Pryde in a still from X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Elliot Page returns to the role of Kitty Pryde, a young mutant with the power of phasing, in the thrilling superhero film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Page’s character plays a pivotal role in altering the course of history, injecting tension and excitement into the narrative.

Kitty possesses the ability to pass through solid objects, making her a valuable asset to the mutant team. In this installment of the X-Men franchise, Kitty’s powers play a crucial role in the plot as she aids in sending Wolverine’s consciousness back in time to prevent a catastrophic future for mutants.

Freeheld (2015)

Elliot Page and Julianne Moore in Freeheld (2015)
Elliot Page as Stacie Andree and Julianne Moore as Laurel Hester in a still from Freeheld (2015)

In the powerful romantic drama Freeheld, Elliot Page delivers a moving performance as Stacie Andree, based on the true story of a woman who fights for equal rights and justice. The film revolves around Stacie’s relationship with her partner, Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore), a police detective diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After Laurel’s diagnosis, the couple faces a battle for equal treatment of their domestic partnership benefits. Page’s portrayal of Stacie is filled with grace and emotional depth, capturing the strength and vulnerability of her character. Alongside acclaimed actors Julianne Moore and Steve Carell (who plays Steven Goldstein), Page’s performance in Freeheld earned him critical acclaim.

Tallulah (2016)

Elliot Page in Tallulah
Elliot Page plays (as the titular character Tallulah) in a still from the film.

In the indie comedy film Tallulah, Elliot Page delivers a nuanced and captivating performance as Tallulah, a young woman with an independent spirit living a nomadic life. When she encounters a distraught mother, Carolyn (played by Tammy Blanchard), Tallulah takes it upon herself to care for Carolyn’s neglected baby, whom she names Madison.

As Tallulah navigates the challenges of caring for an infant, she forms an unlikely bond with her boyfriend’s quirky and reluctant mother, Margo (played by Allison).

The Cured (2017)

Elliot Page The Cured
Elliot Page delivers a gripping performance as Abbie in the Irish horror drama film, The Cured.

In The Cured, Elliot Page plays Abbie, a woman who survives a global zombie-like pandemic.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where former infected individuals, known as “the cured,” are reintegrated into society but face discrimination and stigma.

Abbie and her brother-in-law Senan (Sam Keeley), struggle to rebuild their lives while haunted by their past actions. Senan is the protagonist, with the narrative centering around his journey and challenges.

The Umbrella Academy (2019-Present)

Elliot Page in The Umbrella Academy.
Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Elliot Page takes on the role of Vanya Hargreeves (who later transitions into Viktor Hargreeves in the third season of the TV show) in the hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, portraying a member of a dysfunctional family of superheroes.

Viktor is one of seven siblings born on the same day to women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Each sibling possesses unique superhuman abilities, except Viktor, who believes he is ordinary. As the series unfolds, Viktor discovers his extraordinary powers, unleashing events that test the dynamics and unity of the Hargreeves.

FAQs about Elliot Page, movies, and TV shows

How old is Elliot Page now?

Elliot Page was born on February 21, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is 36 years old.

What awards has Elliot Page received nominations for?

In addition to the Elliot Page movies and TV shows mentioned above, Elliot Page is part of other notable projects, including The Tracey Fragments (2007), To Rome with Love (2012), and Touchy Feely (2013). Page has also appeared in Flatliners (2017) and lent his voice to the animated film Window Horses (2016).

Aside from The Umbrella Academy, Page has also appeared in other TV series. He’s had a recurring role in the series ReGenesis (2004-2008) and made guest appearances in shows such as Trailer Park Boys (2002) and Tales of the City (2019).

What awards has Elliot Page been nominated for?

Elliot Page has received numerous award nominations throughout his career. In 2008, he earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for his role in Juno.

Some of his other notable nominations include the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the British Academy Film Awards in 2008 for Juno, Best Actress nominations at the Chlotrudis Awards for Hard Candy and Juno, and the Best Actress nomination at the Genie Awards in 2008 for the film, The Tracey Fragments.

He also won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Series for The Umbrella Academy in 2022.

How has Elliot Page’s career evolved over the years?

Elliot Page’s career has grown significantly since his debut as a child star in 1997. He gained recognition for his role in the Canadian television series Pit Pony and continued to take on diverse and challenging roles in both film and television.

Page’s breakthrough came with his role as the titular character in the film Juno (2007), which catapulted him into the spotlight. He went on to star in high-profile films like Inception (2010) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Page has gained widespread acclaim in recent years for portraying Vanya Hargreeves in the award-winning Netflix series The Umbrella Academy (2019-present).

He has also ventured into producing and directing, contributing to projects like the documentary film, There’s Something in the Water (2019). Page served as an executive producer on the television series Tales of the City (2019) and the documentary series Gaycation with Ellen Page (2016-2017).

Throughout his career, Page has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights and has his platform to raise awareness about critical social issues.

What is Elliot Page’s most successful film to date?

Elliot Page’s most successful film is Juno (2007). The critically acclaimed dramedy, in which Page plays a pregnant teenager Juno MacGuff, received widespread praise from critics and audiences.

The film was a commercial success, grossing over $231 million worldwide. Juno received four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and Elliot Page’s performance garnered numerous accolades.

He won the Best Actress award in BAFTA in a Leading Role and received nominations from the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards, solidifying his status as a talented and celebrated actor.

What charitable causes does Elliot Page support?

Elliot Page is a passionate advocate for various charitable causes. He actively supports LGBTQ+ rights and has been an outspoken voice for the community.

Page has also been involved in mental health advocacy, raising awareness and promoting discussions surrounding mental health issues. Additionally, he is committed to environmental protection and has contributed to sustainability and climate change initiatives.

Page’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate their dedication to making a positive impact and serving as a role model for communities worldwide.


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