Redbox movies coming soon: Full list of Redbox new releases this month

What are the new movies on Redbox this month?

Redbox new releases this month - Funny Cow, Shade, BraveStorm


Looking for a way to satisfy your binge-watching cravings without spending a dime? Look no further than Redbox!

Redbox is no longer just a DVD rental kiosk. After years of building a brand on making movie rentals convenient for everyone, Redbox has since expanded its business to online streaming. Redbox now offers streaming of new movie releases for a couple of bucks via its app and website, but it also has a separate service called Redbox Free that lets you enjoy a range of movies absolutely for free.

Ready to start your free binge-watching session with Redbox? Below is a list of new movies coming to its U.S. library this month.

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Redbox new movies in May 2024

Shade (2003)

Shade (2003) - Trailer

Written and directed by Damian Nieman, this neo-noir crime thriller film follows a trio of grifters – Tiffany (Jamie Foxx), Charlie (Gabriel Byrne), and Vernon (Thandie Newton) – who attempt to con a legendary card shark nicknamed “The Dean” (Dina Merrill). However, in order to enter a game with her, they first need to raise enough money. To do this, they partner with another conman, Larry Jennings (Stuart Townsend), to scam a local gangster. Unfortunately, their plan goes wrong, leaving them in debt and with a dangerous gangster on their tail.

The film explores themes of greed, deception, and the allure of easy money. It was released to mixed reviews, with some critics praising the performances and the suspenseful atmosphere, while others found the plot to be derivative and the characters to be unlikable.

Availability: May 5

By Night’s End (2020)

BY NIGHT’S END Trailer EXCLUSIVE (2020) Home Invasion Thriller

Directed by Walker Whited, this thriller film centers around a couple, Heather (Michelle Rose) and Mark (Kurt Yue), who wake up in the night to find a man searching their home. A struggle ensues and they are forced to kill the intruder in self-defense. Instead of calling the police immediately, they decide to take one hour to search the house for what they believe is a hidden fortune the intruder was after. The film received positive reviews for its suspenseful atmosphere and strong performances by the lead actors.

Availability: May 5

Doe (2018)

Doe (Trailer)

Directed by Justin Foia, the movie follows a man named John Doe (Timothy Davis) who wakes up with no memory of his past but with the surprising ability to speak dozens of languages fluently.  He soon discovers a recurring dream that offers clues to his identity. John meets another man with a similar condition and decides to enlist the help of his brother-in-law, a private investigator, to help him uncover his true identity before his past catches up with him. The film has received mixed reviews but is generally considered to be an entertaining thriller with an interesting premise.

Availability: May 5

Imaginaerum (2012)


Imaginaerum tells the story of an aging composer named Tom who suffers from dementia. As he falls into a coma, the film explores two realities:

  • Real World: We see Tom’s struggle with dementia and the impact on his loved ones.
  • Imagined World: Tom enters a fantastical dreamscape filled with his memories, regrets, and creations. This world is heavily influenced by his music.

Exploring themes of memory, loss, the power of imagination, and the creative process. Imaginaerum is closely tied to the music of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. The film’s story was co-written by Nightwish’s keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen, and the film features music from their album of the same name, Imaginaerum.

Availability: May 5

D-Day: Veterans Return to Normandy 75 Years Later (2020)

D-Day Veterans Return To Normandy 75 Years Later (Trailer)

D-Day: Veterans Return to Normandy 75 Years Later is a documentary that commemorates the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings during World War II. The film captures the experiences of veterans who participated in the historic invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, as they return to the beaches and battlefields where they fought.

Through interviews, archival footage, and poignant reflections, the documentary offers a firsthand account of the harrowing events of D-Day and the profound impact it had on the course of the war and the world. It also explores the veterans’ emotions as they revisit the sites where they once fought alongside comrades who did not survive.

The documentary not only honors the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought on D-Day but also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the memory of such pivotal moments in history. It provides viewers with a deeper understanding of the significance of D-Day and its enduring legacy.

Availability: May 5

Sgt. Will Gardner (2019)

SGT Will Gardner - Official Trailer Max Martini, Omari Hardwick, Gary Sinise

Sgt. Will Gardner is a 2019 drama film written, directed, and starring Max Martini. The film follows the story of Sgt. Will Gardner, a troubled Iraq War veteran who struggles with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and traumatic brain injury. Played by Martini himself, Will Gardner embarks on a cross-country motorcycle journey to reunite with his young son and confront his past demons.

Throughout his journey, Will encounters various individuals who help him on his path to healing, including a fellow veteran struggling with his own issues, portrayed by Omari Hardwick, and a Gold Star widow, played by Lily Rabe.

The film not only sheds light on the challenges faced by veterans returning from war but also explores themes of redemption, resilience, and the bond of brotherhood forged in combat. It serves as a tribute to the sacrifices made by military personnel and raises awareness about the struggles many veterans face when reintegrating into civilian life.

Sgt. Will Gardner received praise for its authentic portrayal of the realities of war and its impact on soldiers’ mental health. It’s a heartfelt and poignant film that honors the bravery of those who serve while highlighting the importance of supporting veterans as they navigate the difficult journey back home.

Availability: May 5


Divas | Trailer | Streaming Free

Divas! stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Leila Arcieri, and Michael Boatman, among many others. In the laugh-out-loud comedy, Hollywood’s glitz turns to crime when a diva with more haters than hit movies winds up dead. The movie explores the Hollywood life, especially the notion that you won’t make it big as a celebrity without making a few enemies along the way.

Availability: May 5

Tula: The Revolt (2013)

The Revolt (2013) - Official Trailer | VMI Worldwide

Based on true events, Tula: The Revolt revolves around the slave uprising on the Dutch colony of Curaçao in the late 18th century. The film follows the story of Tula, a slave who becomes a leader in the struggle for freedom against the oppressive Dutch colonial regime. Tula rallies his fellow slaves to stand up against their masters and demand their rights as human beings.

The revolt, known as the Tula Rebellion, was a significant event in Caribbean history and is often regarded as one of the earliest major slave uprisings in the Americas. The rebellion had a profound impact on the abolitionist movement and the fight against slavery in the region.

Tula: The Revolt sheds light on this important historical event and explores themes of resistance, oppression, and the quest for justice. It’s a powerful and thought-provoking film that highlights the resilience and courage of those who fought for freedom in the face of adversity.

Availability: May 5

Domain (2017)

DOMAIN - Teaser Trailer

Directed by Nathaniel Atcheson, Domain is a psychological thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. The story centers on a small group of survivors who are holed up in an underground bunker, struggling to maintain their sanity and survive as resources dwindle and tensions rise.

The film explores themes of isolation, paranoia, and the breakdown of social order as the characters grapple with the existential threat of the virus and the challenges of living in confinement. As they confront their own fears and desires, trust becomes a scarce commodity, leading to conflicts and betrayals within the group.

Domain offers a claustrophobic and suspenseful atmosphere, with its tense storytelling and minimalist setting adding to the sense of unease. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of human nature under extreme circumstances, raising questions about identity, morality, and the nature of reality. Overall, it is a gripping and atmospheric film that will appeal to fans of psychological thrillers and dystopian narratives.

Availability: May 5

BraveStorm (2017)

BraveStorm | Trailer | Shunsuke Daitô | Shu Watanabe | Mitsu Dan | Junya Okabe

Bravestorm is a Japanese science fiction mecha action film set in 2050 on a near-future Earth. An alien race called the Killgis have invaded and altered the atmosphere to suit their needs, leading to humanity’s near extinction. However, two families rise to the challenge: the  Kuroki family, who pilot a giant red robot called “Kyodai”, and The Hayami family, who have a cyborg warrior named “Silver Mask.” These two families join forces to fight the Killgis and save humanity from annihilation.

Bravestorm is a remake of two 1970s Japanese TV series: Silver Mask and Super Robot Red Baron. Reviews for the film have been mixed. Some praise the special effects and action sequences, while others find the plot derivative and the characters underdeveloped.

Availability: May 5

Eagle and the Albatross (2020)

Eagle and the Albatross - Official Trailer

Eagle and the Albatross story follows a widowed optometrist named Henry (Dan Lauria) who develops an unlikely bond with a young Korean girl named Jin (Amber Liu) after her father passes away. Jin has a passion for golf and dreams of becoming a professional golfer. Henry, a former golf prodigy who gave up the sport due to personal reasons, reluctantly agrees to mentor Jin and help her achieve her dreams.

The Eagle and the Albatross received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the heartwarming story and the performances of the lead actors, while others found the plot predictable and the humor crude.

Overall, The Eagle and the Albatross is a lighthearted and feel-good movie that is perfect for a casual watch. It’s a story about overcoming challenges, following your dreams, and the importance of human connection.

Availability: May 5

Funny Cow (2017)


Funny Cow film follows Maxine (Maxine Peake), an aspiring comedian trying to make a name for herself in the male-dominated stand-up comedy scene of working men’s clubs in northern England during the 1970s and 1980s. Maxine uses her raw and often dark humor to draw on her own troubled past and experiences as a woman to entertain audiences.

Funny Cow received positive reviews from critics, with praise for Maxine Peake’s powerful performance and the film’s authentic portrayal of the working-class stand-up comedy scene.

Availability: May 5

Redbox new movies in April 2024

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Sam Neill, Rhys Darby Movie HD

A national manhunt unfolds for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle lost in New Zealand’s wilderness, starring Sam Neill and Julian Dennison.

Availability: April 1

London’s Finest (2014)


Drama ensues when a small-time dealer’s shipment meant for Welsh-Jamaican Yardies is targeted by a corrupt cop, featuring Nathanael Wiseman.

Availability: April 1

Diamond Cartel (2017)


Aliya’s glance leads her into a criminal underworld, aiming to survive with only her true love as a rescue, starring Armand Assante and Michael Madsen.

Availability: April 1

Curtis (2021)

Curtis (2021) | Official Trailer HD

A former basketball star searches Detroit for his championship ring, battling mental illness alongside a young boy, with Brian Bowman and Dwight Henry.

Availability: April 1

Sew the Winter to My Skin (2018)


Set at the onset of apartheid, a man becomes a hero-outlaw against white settlers, a tale of rebellion and resilience.

Availability: April 1

The Hero (2017)

The Hero (2017) | Official Trailer HD

Western icon Lee Hayden faces a cancer diagnosis, reevaluating life, relationships, and his legacy, starring Sam Elliott and Laura Prepon.

Availability: April 1

House of Manson (2014)

House Of Manson Official Full Trailer (2014) - Brandon Slagle HD

This film delves into Charles Manson’s life before the infamous murders, offering an unflinching look at his dark journey.

Availability: April 1

The Call Up (2016)

The Call Up | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment

Online gamers face a sinister reality in a state-of-the-art VR game, where the game becomes dangerously real.

Availability: April 1

AWOL – 72 (2015)

AWOL 72 2015 Trailer

An AWOL marine with crucial government secrets becomes a target in a deadly game of cat and mouse, starring Luke Goss and RZA.

Availability: April 1

Dark Frontier (2013)

Dark Frontier (2013) - International Trailer

In 1900s Australia, a family’s isolation is shattered by gold-seeking ex-soldiers, testing loyalty and sanity.

Availability: April 1

Mississippi Burning (1988)

Mississippi Burning Official Trailer #1 - Gene Hackman Movie (1988) HD

F.B.I. Agents investigate the disappearance of civil rights activists in Mississippi, starring Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe.

Availability: April 1

Red Stone (2021)

RED STONE Trailer (2021) Neal McDonough, Michael Cudlitz, Thriller Movie

A hitman reevaluates his life choices while tracking down a teenager who witnessed a crime, featuring Neal McDonough.

Availability: April 1

Redbox new movies in March 2024

Taylor Swift: America’s Sweetheart (2015)

This documentary explores Taylor Swift’s rise to fame. It uses her own words and archival footage to tell the story of her journey from a young girl with a passion for music to a multi-platinum-selling artist. The film highlights her early forays into country music, her Grammy wins, and her place on the Forbes list.

Availability: March 1

Always Whitney Houston (2012)

Always Whitney Houston

The documentary Always Whitney Houston” is a tribute to the iconic singer Whitney Houston, honoring his life and legacy. It showcases her rise to fame, record-breaking sales, and numerous awards, solidifying her place as one of the best-selling artists of all time. It also include interviews with friends, family, and colleagues, sharing their insights and experiences with Whitney.

Availability: March 1

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2018)

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable - Official Trailer

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is a 2018 documentary film that chronicles the life of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, with a focus on her resilience and determination after a life-altering event.The documentary explores the harrowing experience of Bethany losing her arm in a shark attack at the young age of 13. The film delves into how Bethany adapted her surfing technique to excel in the sport despite her physical limitations. It showcases her training process and unwavering dedication to overcome this obstacle.

Availability: March 1

Girl (2020)

GIRL Official Trailer (2020) Bella Thorne Movie

Girl is a thriller film that follows a young woman named Girl ( Bella Thorne) on a quest for revenge. Girl travels back to her isolated hometown with the intention of killing her abusive father. Upon arrival, Girl discovers that someone else has already murdered her father. As Girl seeks answers about her father’s death, she clashes with the town’s corrupt sheriff. The deeper Girl investigates, the more she uncovers a disturbing family history and a hidden truth that goes beyond her initial revenge mission.

Availability: March 1

Monster (2003)

MONSTER -  Trailer ( 2003 )

The 2003 movie Monster is a biographical crime drama based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer who murdered several men in Florida during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Charlize Theron portrays Aileen, a struggling prostitute who resorts to desperate measures to survive on the streets of Daytona Beach. Aileen finds solace in a relationship with another woman, Selby Wall (Christina Ricci). However, financial struggles push Aileen back into prostitution, and a violent encounter with a client sets her on a dark path. The film explores the desperation and rage that drive Aileen to target her clients, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.

Availability: March 1

Dolly Parton: Queen of Country (2015)

Dolly Parton: Queen of Country (Official Trailer)

The documentary Dolly Parton: Queen of Country explores the life and career of the iconic country music singer. The documentary delves into Dolly’s childhood in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, showcasing her early passion for music and her determination to pursue a singing career. It also chronicles her journey from a young performer on local radio shows to her big break in Nashville and the string of hit songs that propelled her to country music stardom.

Availability: March 1

Oprah Winfrey: Fight For a Better Life (2021)

Oprah WInfrey: Fight for a Better Life (Official Trailer)

The documentary Oprah Winfrey: Fight for a Better Life“chronicles Oprah’s journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a media mogul and one of the most influential women in the world. It delves into Oprah’s impoverished upbringing in Mississippi, facing poverty and instability. It also explores the other hardships she endured along the way, showcasing her resilience and determination to overcome these challenges.

Availability: March 1

Betty White: Pure Gold (2022)

Betty White: Pure Gold (Official Trailer)

The documentary Betty White: Pure Gold is a tribute to the legendary actress Betty White’s incredible eight-decade career in television. It highlights Betty White’s role as a trailblazer in the early days of television. She was one of the first women to work both in front of and behind the camera, even producing a sitcom – a first for a woman in the US.

Availability: March 1

Michelle Obama: Hope Becomes Change (2019)

Michelle Obama: Hope Becomes Change (FULL MOVIE)

This documentary retraces Michelle Obama’s inspirational journey from a working class family on the south side of Chicago to the first family in the White House and beyond.

Availability: March 1

Queen Elizabeth II: The Unlikely Queen (2021)

Kate Middleton: The Making of a Queen (Official Trailer)

The documentary Queen Elizabeth II: The Unlikely Queen focuses on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, with a special focus on the fact that she wasn’t originally first in line to be Queen. The documentary explores her six-decade long reign and how it coincided with major historical events.

Availability: March 1

Kate Middleton: The Making of a Queen (2022)

The 2022 documentary Kate Middleton: The Making of a Queen chronicles Catherine Middleton’s journey from a regular person to her destined position as the wife of the future king. The documentary traces Kate’s life before royalty, highlighting her upbringing and background. It  explores her relationship with Prince William, their eventual marriage, and its significance. The documentary also sheds light on Kate’s introduction to the global spotlight as a royal and the birth of their first child, Prince George. The film emphasizes Kate’s developing role within the royal family and how she’s preparing for her future position as Queen consort.

Availability: March 1

Diana: The People’s Princess (2017)

Diana: The People

Diana: The People’s Princess is a TV movie that focuses on the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was widely known as “The People’s Princess.” The film explores various aspects of Diana’s life, including her upbringing, her marriage to Prince Charles, her philanthropic work, her struggles with media attention, and her enduring impact on society. It also touches upon her tragic death in 1997 and the worldwide outpouring of grief that followed.

Availability: March 1

Blackbird (2019)

Blackbird - Official Trailer

Blackbird is a drama film directed by Roger Michell. The movie tells the story of a terminally ill woman named Lily, played by Susan Sarandon, who gathers her family together for one final weekend before she plans to end her own life with the help of her husband, played by Sam Neill. The film explores themes of love, family dynamics, and the right to die with dignity.

As the weekend unfolds, Lily’s family, including her daughters (played by Kate Winslet and Mia Wasikowska), their partners, and her longtime best friend (played by Lindsay Duncan), grapple with their own emotions and relationships as they confront Lily’s decision. The gathering prompts them to confront unresolved issues, share heartfelt moments, and ultimately come to terms with Lily’s choice.

Blackbird is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of end-of-life issues, the complexities of familial relationships, and the desire for autonomy and control over one’s own death.

Availability: March 1

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (2000)


Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her is a 2000 drama film directed by Rodrigo García. The movie is an anthology of interconnected stories, each focusing on the lives of different women in Los Angeles. These women come from various backgrounds and face different challenges, but they are all linked by their experiences and emotions. The film explores themes of love, loss, loneliness, and connection as it delves into the inner lives of its characters. The ensemble cast includes Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Holly Hunter, Amy Brenneman, and Kathy Baker, among others.

Availability: March 1

All We Had (2016)

All We Had Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Katie Holmes Movie

All We Had is a drama film directed by Katie Holmes, who also stars in the lead role. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Annie Weatherwax. Set during the Great Recession, the story follows a mother named Rita Carmichael (Holmes) and her teenage daughter Ruthie (Stefania LaVie Owen) as they struggle to make ends meet and build a better life for themselves.

After experiencing financial hardship and homelessness, Rita and Ruthie embark on a journey to find stability and a sense of belonging. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and form unexpected bonds with people they meet, including a charismatic diner owner named Lee (Luke Wilson) and a sympathetic teacher (Richard Kind).

All We Had explores themes of resilience, family, and the pursuit of the American Dream in the face of adversity. It portrays the complex relationship between mother and daughter as they navigate tough circumstances and strive to create a brighter future for themselves. The film received praise for its performances and poignant storytelling.

Availability: March 1

Colonia (2015)

Colonia Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl Movie HD

Colonia is a 2015 historical thriller directed by Florian Gallenberger. The film is inspired by true events and is set in Chile during the early 1970s, against the backdrop of General Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship.

The story follows a young couple, Lena ( Emma Watson) and Daniel (Daniel Brühl), who become caught up in the political turmoil of the time. When Daniel is abducted by the secret police for his involvement in opposing Pinochet’s regime, Lena joins a cult-like religious sect called Colonia Dignidad in order to infiltrate the heavily guarded compound where he is being held.

As Lena delves deeper into the secretive and oppressive world of Colonia Dignidad, she discovers the horrors that its leader, Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist), inflicts upon its members. The cult’s compound serves as both a religious community and a detention center where dissidents are tortured and brainwashed.

Colonia explores themes of love, sacrifice, and resilience in the face of oppression. It’s a gripping thriller that shines a light on a dark chapter in Chilean history and the resilience of those who fought against injustice.

Availability: March 1

Bleeding Heart (2015)

Bleeding Heart Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jessica Biel, Zosia Mamet Movie HD

Bleeding Heart is a 2015 drama film directed by Diane Bell. The movie tells the story of two estranged sisters, May (Jessica Biel) and Shiva (Zosia Mamet), who reunite after years apart.

May is a yoga instructor living a stable and peaceful life, while Shiva is a troubled young woman involved in a dangerous relationship with a controlling boyfriend (played by Joe Anderson). When Shiva reaches out to May for help, seeking refuge from her abusive partner, May reluctantly takes her in. As May tries to support her sister and help her break free from the toxic relationship, the two women confront their past traumas and strained relationship. The film explores themes of sisterhood, family bonds, and the impact of domestic violence on individuals and their loved ones.

Bleeding Heart is a character-driven drama that delves into complex emotions and the challenges of confronting difficult truths about oneself and one’s family. It received praise for its performances, particularly from Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet, as well as for its sensitive portrayal of sensitive subject matter.

Availability: March 1

Violet & Daisy (2011)

Trailer - Violet & Daisy TRAILER 1 (2013) - Saoirse Ronan, Alexis Bledel Movie HD

Violet & Daisy is a 2011 crime comedy-drama directed by Geoffrey S. Fletcher. The film follows two teenage assassins, Violet (Alexis Bledel) and Daisy (Saoirse Ronan), who work together as contract killers while also navigating the challenges of adolescence.

The story unfolds when Violet and Daisy are assigned to carry out a seemingly routine job, but things take an unexpected turn when they encounter an enigmatic target named Michael  James Gandolfini). As they interact with Michael, their perceptions of their profession and their own lives are challenged, leading to a series of surprising and poignant revelations.

Violet & Daisy blends elements of dark comedy, action, and drama as it explores themes of friendship, morality, and the complexities of growing up. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its performances and unique style, but some criticism for its tonal inconsistencies.

Availability: March 1

Bulletproof Monk (2003)

Bulletproof Monk (2003) | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

Based on the comic book series of the same name by Michael Avon Oeming, Bulletproof Monk  follows a Tibetan monk with no name (Chow Yun-fat) who has been entrusted with protecting an ancient and mystical scroll that holds the key to unlimited power and knowledge. The monk has been searching for a successor to take on the responsibility of safeguarding the scroll for generations to come.

Enter Kar (Seann William Scott), a wisecracking pickpocket who becomes unwittingly entangled in the monk’s quest when he tries to steal from him. Reluctantly, the monk takes Kar under his wing and trains him in the ways of martial arts and enlightenment, preparing him to become the next protector of the scroll.

As they embark on their journey, they must face off against a ruthless Nazi leader (Karel Roden) who is also seeking the scroll’s power for his own nefarious purposes. Along the way, they encounter allies and adversaries, and Kar learns valuable lessons about honor, courage, and the true meaning of heroism.

Bulletproof Monk is a blend of action, comedy, and fantasy, featuring martial arts sequences, mystical elements, and a lighthearted tone. While the film received mixed reviews from critics, it has gained a cult following among fans of the genre.

Availability: March 1

Bull Durham (1988)

BULL DURHAM (1988) | Official Trailer | MGM

Bull Durham is a romantic comedy sports film directed by Ron Shelton. The movie is set in the world of minor league baseball and follows the journey of three central characters: Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), a veteran catcher; “Nuke” LaLoosh (Tim Robbins), a talented but inexperienced pitcher; and Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon), a passionate baseball fan and part-time lover of minor league players.

The story revolves around the Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in North Carolina, and the dynamics between the players, coaches, and Annie, who has a ritual of taking on one player each season as her lover and spiritual protégé. Crash is brought in to mentor Nuke and help him mature as a pitcher, while also contending with his own aspirations of making it back to the major leagues. As the season progresses, the relationships between Crash, Nuke, and Annie become increasingly complicated, leading to personal and professional revelations for all involved.

Bull Durham explores themes of love, loyalty, ambition, and the pursuit of excellence, all set against the backdrop of America’s favorite pastime. The film is celebrated for its sharp dialogue, authentic portrayal of baseball culture, and memorable performances, particularly from Costner, Sarandon, and Robbins. It has become a classic in both the sports and romantic comedy genres.

Availability: March 1

Falcon Rising (2014)

FALCON RISING Official Trailer #1 (2014)

Directed by Ernie Barbarash and starring martial artist Michael Jai White as the main character, Falcon Rising follows John “Falcon” Chapman (White), a former Marine Corps veteran suffering from PTSD, who becomes embroiled in a dangerous underworld investigation in Brazil.

The story begins when Chapman’s sister, Cindy, is brutally attacked while living in Brazil. Determined to seek justice for his sister, Chapman travels to Brazil to investigate her assault. However, he soon discovers that Cindy’s attack is just one small part of a larger conspiracy involving human trafficking and corruption.

As Chapman delves deeper into the criminal underworld of Brazil, he finds himself facing off against powerful adversaries and navigating treacherous alliances. Along the way, he relies on his combat skills, military training, and determination to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice.

Falcon Rising is an action-packed film that combines elements of martial arts, crime thriller, and revenge drama. It showcases White’s martial arts expertise and features intense fight sequences set against the backdrop of the vibrant streets of Brazil.

Availability: March 1

House of Glass (2021)

House of Glass (2021) - Official Movie Trailer (HD)

House of Glass is a psychological thriller directed by Erik Bloomquist. The film follows a couple, Ray and Chloe, who inherit a mysterious old house from Chloe’s estranged grandmother. Upon arriving at the house, they discover that it is filled with mirrors, and strange occurrences begin to happen.

As they explore the house, Ray and Chloe start to uncover dark secrets about Chloe’s family history and the true nature of the house itself. They become increasingly paranoid and begin to question their own sanity as they are haunted by eerie reflections and disturbing visions.

House of Glass delves into themes of identity, perception, and the past coming back to haunt the present. It keeps viewers on edge with its atmospheric tension and psychological twists, making it a gripping and unsettling thriller.

Availability: March 4

Redbox new movies in February 2024

Olympia (2018)

Olympia (2018)

Olympia is a romantic drama film that tells the story of Olympia Welles, a struggling Chicago artist facing a major crossroads in her life.  Olympia is juggling her artistic pursuits with the challenges of her relationship with her boyfriend, Felix. When she’s offered a life-changing opportunity, she must decide whether to pursue it and risk jeopardizing her relationship and her sense of self.

Starring McKenzie Chinn as Olympia, Charles Andrew Gardner as Felix, Ericka Ratcliff as Jemma, and LaNisa Renee Frederick as Grace, the movie received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its performances and emotional depth, while others found it predictable and melodramatic. However, it has gained a dedicated following for its relatable characters and exploration of universal themes.

Availability: February 1


Urban Hymn (2015)

Urban Hymn (2015)

Urban Hymn is a British drama film directed by Michael Caton-Jones and stars Shirley Henderson, Letitia Wright, and Isabella Laughland in key roles.

The story revolves around the relationship between a troubled teenage girl named Jamie Harrison (Wright) and her care worker Kate (Henderson). Set against the backdrop of the 2011 England riots, the film explores themes of redemption, friendship, and the power of music.

Letitia Wright’s performance in Urban Hymn received praise, and the film as a whole was noted for its exploration of social issues. If you’re interested in British dramas with a focus on character development and social themes, Urban Hymn might be worth checking out.

Availability: February 1

URBAN HYMN Trailer | Festival 2015

Lyfe’s Journey (2014)

Lyfe's Journey (2014)

Lyfe’s Journey is a powerful faith-based drama that delves into themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the importance of family. David Lyfe, a successful businessman seemingly has it all: a loving wife, beautiful children, and a thriving career. However, his world comes crashing down when a single, wrong decision costs him everything. Jobless, ostracized, and filled with regret, David finds himself lost and alone.

But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges. Guided by his faith and the unwavering support of a dedicated pastor, David embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. He faces his past mistakes, rebuilds broken relationships, and rediscovers the true meaning of love and family.

Availability: February 1


It Happened One Valentine’s (2017)

It Happened One Valentine’s (2017)

The movie follows Allie Rusch, a driven reporter yearning for a career-defining scoop. Her chance arrives in the form of Vivian Cartwright, a cunning music manager, who tasks Allie with a seemingly impossible mission: rekindle the romance between two pop superstars, Caleb Greene and Carson Peet, for a sizzling Valentine’s Day exclusive.

What unfolds is a hilarious and heartwarming journey as Allie navigates the glamorous world of music, celebrity egos, and of course, her own blossoming feelings for Caleb. Along the way, she uncovers hidden truths about the stars, the power of second chances, and the magic of love in unexpected places.

Overall, It Happened One Valentine’s is a light and entertaining film that’s perfect for a cozy night in. It offers a sweet escape into the world of celebrity romance, reminding us that sometimes, love can blossom in the most unexpected places, especially with a little matchmaking magic.

Availability: February 1

It Happened One Valentine

The Wedding Arrangement (2022)

The Wedding Arrangement (2022)

The Wedding Arrangement is a charming Hallmark movie that premiered in 2022, offering a delightful blend of romance, floral artistry, and personal growth. The story revolves around Violet, a talented botanist running her own flower shop. When she gets the opportunity to create the floral arrangements for a high-profile wedding, she’s initially thrilled. However, things get complicated when the bride’s demanding requests and tight schedule push Violet to her limits.

Availability: February 1

The Wedding Arrangement - Official Trailer (2021)

Accidentally Engaged (2016)

Accidentally Engaged (2016)

Accidentally Engaged is a 2016 romantic comedy about a little white lie that snowballs into a hilarious (and maybe heart-warming) adventure. Here’s the gist: Clarissa, an aspiring actress struggling to make it in Hollywood, heads back home for her friend’s wedding. Feeling insecure about her life, she tells a white lie to her friends – that she’s dating the famous actor, Chas Hunter. The lie spreads like wildfire, reaching the ears of the media and even Chas himself. To save face from a bad photo leak, Chas proposes a deal: he’ll pretend to be Clarissa’s fiancé if she helps him cover up his own scandal. This begins a whirlwind of fake dates, staged paparazzi moments, and navigating the world of celebrity life – all while trying to keep their real feelings in check.

Accidentally Engaged is a classic rom-com with all the usual tropes: mistaken identities, forced proximity, learning to love the real person beneath the facade. It’s got lighthearted humor, charming characters, and a predictable (but satisfying) happily-ever-after.

Availability: February 1

Accidentally Engaged - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Song One (2014)

Song One (2014)

Song One is a drama film directed and written by Kate Barker-Froyland. It stars Anne Hathaway, Johnny Flynn, and Mary Steenburgen.

The story revolves around a young woman, played by Anne Hathaway, who returns home after her brother falls into a coma. She discovers his passion for music and begins exploring the Brooklyn music scene, eventually developing a connection with an indie musician portrayed by Johnny Flynn.

Song One explores themes of love, family, and the healing power of music. The film received praise for its performances, particularly Hathaway’s, and its evocative musical elements. If you enjoy heartfelt dramas with a musical backdrop, Song One might be a movie worth watching.

Availability: February 1

Song One Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Anne Hathaway Movie HD

The Year of Spectacular Men (2017)

The Year of Spectacular Men (2017)

The Year of Spectacular Men is a comedy-drama film released in 2017. The film marks the directorial debut of Lea Thompson, who also appears in the movie. The screenplay is written by Madelyn Deutch, who also stars in the film alongside her real-life sister, Zoey Deutch.

The story follows Izzy Klein (Deutch), a recent college graduate, as she navigates the challenges of post-grad life, including relationships and career choices. The film explores themes of self-discovery, relationships, and personal growth.

The Year of Spectacular Men is notable for being a family project, with the Deutch sisters involved in key roles. It received attention for its humor and the authentic portrayal of the challenges faced by young adults transitioning into adulthood. If you enjoy indie comedies with a focus on personal journeys, this film might be of interest to you.

Availability: February 1

The Year of Spectacular Men - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Hackers (1995)

Hackers (1995)

Hackers is a cult classic film directed by Iain Softley, the movie is a cyberpunk thriller that follows a group of young hackers who uncover a conspiracy while navigating the world of computer hacking and corporate espionage.

The main cast includes Jonny Lee Miller as Dade Murphy (also known as Zero Cool), Angelina Jolie as Kate Libby (Acid Burn), Fisher Stevens as The Plague, and Matthew Lillard as Emmanuel Goldstein (Cereal Killer). The film is known for its stylized portrayal of hacking culture, vibrant visuals, and a techno soundtrack.

Hackers gained a cult following over the years, and it’s often appreciated for its depiction of hacking subculture, even if some aspects of the film may be considered exaggerated or unrealistic. If you’re interested in the early days of the internet and computer hacking, Hackers is a notable film from that era.

Availability: February 1

Hackers Official Trailer #1 - Matthew Lillard Movie (1995) HD

Cardinal Matter (2016)

Cardinal Matter (2016)

Cardinal Matter is a suspenseful thriller film that follows Austin, a young man who gets caught in a dangerous web of secrets and lies after arriving in a small Wyoming town to reconnect with his cousin.

Austin’s seemingly simple visit takes a dark turn when he finds his cousin dead under mysterious circumstances. Soon, Austin becomes the target of a deadly hitman hired by a corrupt corporation involved in a clandestine operation. With nowhere to turn and his life on the line, Austin must unravel the truth behind his cousin’s death and expose the corporation’s nefarious activities.

Availability: February 1

Cardinal Matter Trailer

Hart’s War (2002)

Hart’s War (2002)

Directed by Gregory Hoblit, Hart’s War is based on the novel of the same name by John Katzenbach. The cast includes Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, and Marcel Iureș.

The story is set during World War II in a German prisoner-of-war (POW) camp. It follows Lieutenant Tommy Hart (Farrell), an American officer who is captured by the Germans. As the highest-ranking officer among the prisoners, Hart becomes involved in a court-martial trial when one of the African-American Tuskegee Airmen (Howard) is accused of murder.

Willis plays Colonel William McNamara, the senior American officer in the POW camp. The film explores themes of racism, loyalty, and justice against the backdrop of the challenges faced by American prisoners in a German POW camp.

If you enjoy war dramas with legal elements and moral dilemmas, Hart’s War might be of interest to you.

Availability: February 4


Scalene (2011)

Scalene (2011)

Scalene is a psychological thriller film released in 2011. Directed by Zack Parker, the film explores themes of perception, manipulation, and the consequences of a traumatic event. The title Scalene refers to a type of triangle, reflecting the film’s exploration of different perspectives.

Margo Martindale stars as Janice Trimble, a mother who seeks revenge after her mentally challenged son, Jakob, is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman named Paige (Hanna Hall). The narrative unfolds through three different perspectives, offering varying accounts of the same events.

Scalene is known for its non-linear storytelling, psychological tension, and thought-provoking themes. It’s not a mainstream film, but if you enjoy psychological thrillers with complex narratives, it might be worth checking out. Keep in mind that the film deals with intense subject matter and is intended for mature audiences.

Availability: February 1

Scalene Trailer (2012) | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie Movie


Frequently Asked Questions about Redbox Free

1. What is Redbox Free?

Unlike Netflix, Redbox Free is a free streaming service that offers a selection of movies and TV shows that you can watch without having to rent or subscribe. You can access Redbox Free through the Redbox website or app.

2. What movies and TV shows are available on Redbox Free?

Redbox Free has a rotating selection of movies and TV shows, so the titles available may vary. However, you can typically find a variety of genres, including action, comedy, drama, horror, and family.

3. How do I watch Redbox Free?

To watch Redbox Free, you need to create a Redbox account. You can do this on the Redbox website or app. Once you have created an account, you can start watching Redbox Free by browsing the selection of movies and TV shows.

4. Is there a limit to how much I can watch on Redbox Free?

There is no limit to how much you can watch on Redbox Free. However, you can only watch each title once.

5. Can I watch Redbox Free on my TV?

Yes, you can watch Redbox Free on your TV. You can connect your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable or stream Redbox Free to your TV using a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV.

6. Can I watch Redbox Free on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can watch Redbox Free on your phone or tablet. You can download the Redbox app from the App Store or Google Play.

7. Is there a difference between Redbox Free and Redbox On Demand?

Yes, there is a difference between Redbox Free and Redbox On Demand. Redbox Free is a free streaming service that offers a limited selection of movies and TV shows. Redbox On Demand is a paid streaming service that offers a wider selection of movies and TV shows.

8. What are the benefits of using Redbox Free?

There are several benefits to using Redbox Free. First, it is a free service. Second, it offers a rotating selection of movies and TV shows, so you can always find something new to watch. Third, you can watch Redbox Free on your TV, phone, or tablet.

9. How do I cancel my Redbox Free account?

You can cancel your Redbox Free account by logging into your account on the Redbox website or app. Click on “My Account” and then “Subscriptions.” You will be able to cancel your account from there.

10. What are the technical requirements for using Redbox Free?

To use Redbox Free, you need to have a high-speed internet connection and a supported device. Supported devices include computers, TVs, phones, and tablets.

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