Dr. Dabber Switch review: the last e-rig you’ll ever need

This e-rig offers wicked fast heating times along with amazingly potent and flavorful vapor production

Bottom Line

Editor's choice GeekSpinFrom its wicked fast heating times to its amazingly potent and flavorful vapor production, the Switch is sure to wow the socks off both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.



  • Fast startup/heat time
  • Potent flavorful hits
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Support for both herbs and concentrates
  • Customizable light show


  • Not very portable
  • Unable to be controlled by a mobile app

The Switch is the latest battery-powered dual-purpose e-rig vaporizer from Dr. Dabber and it’s hopping into the ring to go one-on-one with the competition. When it comes to the technology that powers the Dr. Dabber Switch, it isn’t just smart, it’s pure genius as it features induction heating that vaporizes both herbs and concentrates, a self-cleaning mode and a customizable light show that can be tailored to fit whatever mood you’re in.

With super fast inline charging, sixty minutes is all the time it takes for the Switch to be ready for prime time. Setup is a snap – fill the glass mouthpiece with water, slide it onto the base and drop an induction cup filled with herbs or concentrate into the heating chamber. With the flip of a switch and press of a button, the e-rig rapidly heats up and is ready to use almost instantly.

Dr. Dabber put a lot of effort into designing the Switch to work great for newbies and pros alike. Users will appreciate that everything needed to get started comes in an easy to use kit with zero need for torches or exposed hot coils that are the norm with traditional rigs. Additionally, the predefined heating settings work great when learning to use the device. Once the Switch has been put through its paces users can level up to advanced mode, giving precision control over the e-rig’s temperature, whether it be for amazing flavor profiles or super potent clouds of vapor.

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The Switch’s long-lasting battery life and dual-purpose induction heating system are just a few of the features that put this device in a class of its own. Shipping in its own carrying case with foam cut-outs makes it convenient and easy to store the unit while transporting or when not in use. The weight and size of the Switch makes it better suited for using at home as opposed to carrying it in your pocket. But let’s be real, once this e-rig came out of the box it has had a permanent home on my coffee table.

Keeping the device clean doesn’t get any easier (or faster) thanks to the Switch’s self-cleaning mode. With a quick press of a button, the heating chamber begins to roast and will completely nuke the ceramic cup of any built-up residue, leaving it looking good as new. Every time I use this feature I’m impressed as it’s quite a sight to watch the ceramic induction cup turn from dark brown to bright white in just a few seconds.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the Switch gets an almost perfect score. While the unit doesn’t have a companion mobile app to control temperature, heating time and the device’s ambient light show directly from a smartphone, it’s hardly a reason to pass on the Switch.

Bottom Line

With a $400 price tag, the Dr. Dabber Switch is just a bit more expensive than the Puffco Peak ($380). While the Peak’s small form factor is great for portability, the Switch eclipses and outperforms the Peak in nearly every other category.

It’s highly recommended to grab the quartz induction cup and bubble cap ($60 for both) to truly enjoy all that this e-rig has to offer from day one. From its wicked fast heating times to its amazingly potent and flavorful vapor production, the Switch is sure to wow the socks off both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.