Mario fan creates game called Super Mario Flashback and it’s absolutely brilliant

Nintendo has yet to comment on the project

A tech-savvy Super Mario fan has created his own version of the classic game dubbed Super Mario Flashback.

Designed by a self-taught, Turkish programmer, the fan made game features all-new levels, powers, gameplay mechanics, and improved artwork.

After years in development, the game was officially unveiled at this year’s ‘Sonic Amateur Games Expo’ (SAGE).

Since then, Mors – the 20-year-old behind the project – has invited fans of the hit franchise to download a demo of his creation, however, he says the full version won’t be available until 2020.

So far, Nintendo has yet to comment on the project, which legal analysts say infringes on the company’s IP rights. Although Mors acknowledges that he’s treading in murky waters, he vows to continue working on Super Mario Flashback, so long as Nintendo doesn’t interfere.