20 badass Disney Princess tattoos

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest tattoo of them all?

Disney Princess Tattoos
Disney Princess Tattoos

Choosing a tattoo design is one of the most grueling decisions you’ll probably ever make (if you decide to get one at all that is!). That said, while the most popular tattoos tend to be based on inspirational quotes, religious verses, or something more personal like a name or a date, many of the most stunning ones are inspired by the magical world of Disney.

In this list, we’ve rounded up some of the most spectacular Disney Princess tattoos. From the princesses’ iconic faces to some of their more meaningful quotes, these tattoos will mesmerize you, and maybe even convince you to get some Disney body art yourself. If you can’t seem to decide which one takes the cake,  just ask: Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest tattoo of them all?

#1 Breaking the curse

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 1
Instagram source: @sylvesterandme

Everyone loves a happily-ever-after. This commemoration to Sleeping Beauty’s fairytale ending sends a positive message about how love can conquer all.

#2 Mulan’s reflection

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 2
Instagram source: @famoushuskies

This body ink was inspired by one of the most powerful Disney movie scenes ever. It references to the time that Mulan struggled with what society wanted her to be versus who she really is.

#3 True love’s kiss

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 3
Instagram source: @vanillaboyce

Celebrate true love’s first kiss with this intricate tattoo that looks like it was printed straight out of the classic Snow White movie. Watch out for the poisonous apple, though!

#4 Cinderella’s pink gown

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 4
Instagram source: @pretty_grotesque

Remember the dress that Cinderella made with the help of her mice friends? This is what it would look like immortalized on your arm. Can you say pretty in pink?

#5 The Beast is her shadow

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 5
Instagram source: @disneyinkfiends

For this masterpiece, we get a good look at Belle’s side profile. At the same time, the tattoo artist imagined the Beast as the princess’ shadow.

#6 Sleeping Beauty

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 6
Instagram source: @madamefink

The fantastic details on this tattoo make princess Aurora look more realistic than ever. Actually, it even looks like she would shush you if you tried to wake her up.

#7 A very Brave tattoo

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 7
Instagram source: @ladychappelletattoos

Princess Merida is one of the bravest princesses to ever hit the silver screen. Which is why the royal redhead would make a great addition to your ink collection – if you’re brave enough of course.

 #8 Listen with your heart

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 8
Instagram source: @3graffgirls

The Pocahontas movie is a haven for inspirational quotables and great advice, just like this breathtaking tattoo declares: “Listen with your heart, and you will understand”.

#9 Baby Moana

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 9
Instagram source: @eriblackmoon.tattoo

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls you to get this adorable tattoo!

#10 Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 10
Instagram source: @redwoodlisa

Every princess has a fairy godmother to add extra sparkle to their lives. In Aurora’s case, she has three! Even if you aren’t into tattoos, this pixie ink is way too cute to resist! We can already hear Flora and Fauna fighting over which dress you’ll wear tonight. Blue or pink?

#11 Cinderella’s advice

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 11
Instagram source: @kanicker_

Disney has taught us countless life lessons, but the most beautiful advice it has ever given us is to “have courage and be kind”. It may sound simple, but if we can live by these words, the world would be a magical place.

#12 Snow White silhouette

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 12
Instagram source: @tattoosbyvictoria

Elaborate tattoos are fantastically eye-catching, but there’s a certain profound charm that is radiated only from simple tattoos like this colorful silhouette of the fairest of them all.

#13 Beauty and the Beast

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 13
Instagram source: @holytrinitytattoos

Let’s keep this minimalist theme going with an effortlessly enchanting outline of Princess Belle and the Beast. Notice how the line of Belle’s hair acts as a thoughtful connecting piece of her and the Beast.

#14 Princess Jasmine of Agrabah

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 14
Instagram source: @disneyinkfiends

This tattoo is undeniably a very striking version of the Arabian beauty, Princess Jasmine. Everything from her famous turquoise cropped top to her large expressive eyes are spot on.

#15 Someday my prince will come

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 15
Instagram source: @bella_colee82

Princess Snow White’s charming brown eyes and hopeful expression make it clear to us that she’s waiting for her prince to come sweep her off her feet…or maybe she’s just waiting for her pizza to be delivered. We’ll never really know for sure.

#16 A dream is a wish your heart makes

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 16
Instagram source: @misscassie93

Cinderella was on her way to her happy-ever-after the moment she stepped into these magical glass slippers. We guess it’s true what they say: A new pair of shoes can change your life! BRB, we’re doing to run down some stairs and leave our shoe behind…

#17 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 17
Instagram source: @disneytattooart

Pocahontas taught us that nature has a soul and that the wind has colors. This paragon of a tattoo speaks in every color of the wind to remind us about the epic tale of the peace-making princess.

#18 The beautiful beast

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 18
Instagram source: @goldandtonic

At first glance, this artwork may appear artistically alarming, but if you think about it, it’s a sardonically thought-provoking image of the character the Beast initially exhibited in the movie. When you think about how he evolved into a kind soul, you’ll know that this tattoo builds up to a happy-ever-after.

#19 Ariel x Aurora

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 19
Instagram source: @hayleyevanstattoo

The world’s most famous mermaid princess has climbed out of the ocean and now lives on your arm along with Aurora. If you can’t decide which princess is your favorite, then it’s best to have them both inked onto your arm!

#20 Aurora in Neverland

20 badass Disney Princess tattoos 20
Instagram source: @bretjohnsontattoos

Sleeping Beauty has awakened, and has strolled all the way to Neverland to hang out with Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and their squad. In Neverland, you won’t find any castles, but there is a whole lot of faith, trust, and pixie dust! We aren’t in France anymore, Aurora.

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