Disney characters gone bad

What if your favorite Disney characters became the stuff of nightmares?

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Kids and kids at heart love Disney characters because they basically embody everything that is good in the world. For generations, these characters, led by the ever-adorable Mickey Mouse, have been a symbol of fun, family, and friendship, above many other things. But while most Disney buffs can only see them as a source of goodness and optimism, some fans are brave enough to ruin their own childhood by reimagining these characters as creatures that inflict fear and evoke disgust for the sake of art.

Since Disney has a family-friendly image to keep intact, it’s a long shot that it would recreate its beloved classic cartoon characters as faces of terror and evil. But if you’re wondering what Mickey and his friends could look like if they were devilish beasts craving for flesh and blood, then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a number of terrifyingly amazing fan art that depict the wicked side of some of your favorite Disney characters.

This collection is comprised of artwork created by different illustrators from around the world. These brilliant artists include Disse86 from Sweden, 90swil from Australia, DanLuVisiArt from the U.S., Alerazz501 from Slovakia, and leagueof1 from the U.K., and many more.

If you’re all set to get scared and make your flesh crawl, then start browsing the nightmare-inducing list and see how far you can go.

#1 Monster Mickey Mouse

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Credit: DeviantArt disse86

You’ll never look at Mickey Mouse the same way again after seeing this nasty yet incredible recreation of the beloved character. Created by Swedish artist Disse86, this horrible version of Mickey has a skinless face, creepy foggy eyes, gross uneven teeth, as well as clawed hands and feet. While it’s unclear what exactly turned Mickey into this horrifying creature, we don’t think a rat poison is enough to take him down.