Disney characters gone bad

What if your favorite Disney characters became the stuff of nightmares?

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Kids and kids at heart love Disney characters because they basically embody everything that is good in the world. For generations, these characters, led by the ever-adorable Mickey Mouse, have been a symbol of fun, family, and friendship, above many other things. But while most Disney buffs can only see them as a source of goodness and optimism, some fans are brave enough to ruin their own childhood by reimagining these characters as creatures that inflict fear and evoke disgust for the sake of art.

Since Disney has a family-friendly image to keep intact, it’s a long shot that it would recreate its beloved classic cartoon characters as faces of terror and evil. But if you’re wondering what Mickey and his friends could look like if they were devilish beasts craving for flesh and blood, then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a number of terrifyingly amazing fan art that depict the wicked side of some of your favorite Disney characters.

This collection is comprised of artwork created by different illustrators from around the world. These brilliant artists include Disse86 from Sweden, 90swil from Australia, DanLuVisiArt from the U.S., Alerazz501 from Slovakia, and leagueof1 from the U.K., and many more.

If you’re all set to get scared and make your flesh crawl, then start browsing the nightmare-inducing list and see how far you can go.

#1 Monster Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 6
Credit: DeviantArt disse86

You’ll never look at Mickey Mouse the same way again after seeing this nasty yet incredible recreation of the beloved character. Created by Swedish artist Disse86, this horrible version of Mickey has a skinless face, creepy foggy eyes, gross uneven teeth, as well as clawed hands and feet. While it’s unclear what exactly turned Mickey into this horrifying creature, we don’t think a rat poison is enough to take him down.

#2 Big-Eyed Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 7
Credit: DeviantArt 90swil

This 3D reimagining of Mickey Mouse could easily pass as a baddie in a horror fantasy video game. Illustrated by Australian film and animation student 90swil, this big-eyed version of Mickey has a slender human-like body with long arms and skeletal clawed hands. While we aren’t sure what this entity is capable of doing, his unsettling grin — which gives a peek at his sharp and pointed teeth — suggests that he’s up to no good.

#3 Bloodthirsty Winnie the Pooh

Disney characters gone bad 8
Credit: DeviantArt disse86

Winnie the Pooh traded his favorite jar of honey for a container of blood in this horrifying yet incredible fan art by Disse86. This ghoulish version of A.A. Mine’s Winnie the Pooh has glowing red eyes and a toothy mouth that can seemingly grind his victims to bits.

#4 Momo Minnie Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 9
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

Created by American artist DanLuVisiArt, this eerily beautiful recreation of Minnie Mouse looks a lot like the creepy doll from the viral Momo Challenge hoax. This disturbing incarnation of Minnie looks harmless at first glance, but a closer look at her iconic ribbon — which appears to be made with flesh and eyeballs — proves that she has sadistic tendencies that anyone around her should be worried about.

#5 Perverted Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 10
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

While a few may oddly find this version of Mickey Mouse as cute as a pug, a lot of people will still agree that it’s a serious case of nightmare fuel. The creature’s black, wrinkly, and leathery skin is a disgusting sight for many, not to mention his disturbing tongue-out expression that confirms how perverted he is.

#6 Masked Pluto

Disney characters gone bad 11
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

Also an artwork by DanLuVisiArt, this reinterpretation of Pluto looks like a scarier version of the murderous dog in the virtual reality horror game Duck Season. For reasons we don’t want to find out, Mickey Mouse’s pet dog is bizarrely wearing a latex mask and a damaged fur coat. Though Goofy’s mask flashes a hand-drawn smile, we know that there’s something off about him the moment we’ve laid our eyes on his dildo-like nose and icky tubular rubber ears.

#7 Slimy Goofy

Disney characters gone bad 12
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

This reimagining of Goofy is something you don’t want to meet in an alleyway alone. Created by DanLuVisiArt, this slimy version of the turtleneck-loving dog gives a very horrendous look that would make anyone run for their lives. In addition to his terrifying gaze, the creature’s slimy skin and condom-like hand gloves make his overall look more unbearable to the eyes.

#8 Miserable Mike

Disney characters gone bad 13
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

While this artwork isn’t as terrifying as other fan art by DanLuVisiArt, this reimagining of Mike Wazowski from the Monsters, Inc. film franchise has the saddest backstory. According to artist, a misunderstanding between Mike and his best friend Sulley ended up with a brutal fight that ultimately resulted in Mike’s blindness and Sulley’s death. Devastated with what happened, Mike managed to escape to Earth where he lives on the streets begging. Though Mike looks more miserable than horrifying, the fan art still gives off a creepy vibe courtesy of his seemingly possessed Sulley stuffed toy.

#9 Troublemaker Tigger

Disney characters gone bad 14
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

Tigger has been involved in several fights before, but this time, he appears to have been broken the law and must prove his innocence. While it’s unclear what exactly he was arrested for, his bloodied nose and undershirt, along with the deep cut on his chest, indicate that he was engaged in a brutal broil prior to his arrest.

#10 Toothy Piglet

Disney characters gone bad 15
Credit: DeviantArt disse86

This reimagining of Piglet looks disgustingly good. Illustrated by artist Disse86, this version of Winnie the Pooh’s timid best friend has sharp and pointy teeth that will surely haunt you in your dreams. Making him more unsettling to look at are his ham-shaped body and sausage-like guts.

#11 Donald Duck as Freddy Krueger

Disney characters gone bad 16

This is what Donald Duck would like if he would star as the horror icon Freddie Krueger in a Disney adaptation of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Helm Street. Though Donald dons the serial killer’s iconic striped sweater, brown fedora, and metal-clawed leather glove, Mickey Mouse’s best friend is really not that menacing, as his face is not as gruesomely burnt as Freddie’s in the movies.

#12 Squicky Donald Duck

Disney characters gone bad 17
Credit: DeviantArt danluvisiart

Like most fan art by DanLuVisiArt, this reimagining of Donald Duck is awesomely messed up. With his lower jaw nowhere to be found, the artwork fully displays the interior of the creature’s mouth, which strangely has mini upper fangs and a separate set of spike-like teeth perched on his tongue. While the complexity of his mouth’s interior is distressing in itself, it’s really his fuming stare that makes his look terrifying.

#13 Zombie Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 18
Credit: Isaac Gara Bito

Mickey Mouse is a full-on Romero zombie in this frightening yet fantastic fan art by artist Isaac Garabito. Disney’s official mascot literally dug himself out of his grave to satisfy his hunger for brains, and with his clawed hands and razor-sharp teeth, it looks like he won’t have a hard time catching his first poor victim.

#14 Mickey Mouse tearing his face off

Disney characters gone bad 19

While this reimagining of Mickey Mouse looks plain compared to other reinterpretations, showing this fan art to a child is still not a good idea, because the image of the world’s most famous mouse tearing his face off can definitely give kids nightmares that they won’t forget forever.

#15 Possessed Pinocchio

Disney characters gone bad 20
Credit: DeviantArt raskopticon

Move over, Annabelle, because here’s a haunted Pinocchio that could potentially earn more at the box office. Illustrated by American artist rAkospticon, this reinterpretation of the popular wooden puppet was taken over by an evil spirit that transformed him into a murderous marionette obsessed with blood. While this version of Pinocchio is seemingly taking the lives of his victims with the razor blade he’s wielding, he may also be capable of stabbing people to death with the use of his hard pointed nose.

#16 Four-tailed Tigger

Disney characters gone bad 21
Credit: DeviantArt disse86

The weirdest-looking artwork from Disse86’s Disney-themed horror series, this version of Tigger has skinless forelegs and four phallic tails. Interestingly, despite his bizarre appearance, the creature seems more pitiful than vicious. Could it be because of his two sets of sad eyes that make him look like a lost puppy?

#17 Wasted Goofy

Disney characters gone bad 22
Credit: DeviantArt 90swil

Though not as scary as 90swil’s other Disney character reinterpretations, this version of Goofy is still alarming for some reasons. For instance, his sleepy eyes and terrible posture indicate that he really needs to get some rest. But while he obviously looks weak, his disturbingly bloated tummy tells a completely different story.

#18 Creepy Disney Trio

Disney characters gone bad 23

Created by Australian artist Rats-in-the-van, this fan art features the most sinister reimagining of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. The trio’s uncanny stares and menacing grins give us the impression that they can carry out the most evil things in the world as long as they’re together.

#19 Were-Mickey

Disney characters gone bad 24
Credit: DeviantArt jflaxman

This fan art by Australian artist jflaxman seems to be a hybrid of Mickey Mouse and a werewolf. Though it only shows the silhouette of the subject, the creature’s glowing white eyes and ominous smile are more than enough to make your blood run cold. If you think he’s using the shovel to bury his victims, then you might be wrong, because we have a strong feeling that it’s actually his murder weapon.

#20 Pus-filled Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 25
Credit: DeviantArt jflaxman

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s works, this overly repulsive reinterpretation of Mickey Mouse is also created by jflaxman. While it’s an undeniable image of pure purulence, many of jflaxman’s fellow artists commend the artwork’s intricate details, most especially the creature’s puss-filled rotting flesh, complete with deep wounds and nauseating growths.

#21 Crazy Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 26
Credit: DeviantArt ry-spirit

Small rodents like mouse are almost never found to be infected with rabies, but in this fan art by Australian artist Ry-Spirit, it looks like Mickey Mouse has caught the fatal viral disease. Inspired by Disney’s 1995 animated short Runaway Brain, this artwork finds Mickey raging furiously. With the creature’s frightening yellow eyes and toothy, salivating mouth, it seems that it would be hard for the authorities to catch this mad mouse.

#22 Mad Goofy

Disney characters gone bad 27
Credit: DeviantArt austenmengler

If this Kingdom Hearts-inspired artwork gives you an impression that Goofy has just carried out a killing spree, then you’re absolutely correct. According to the backstory of the fan art, which is created by Australian artist AustenMengler, the traumatic battles in Kingdom Hearts left everyone changed forever, including Goofy who massacred the Heartless race to the brink of extinction, driving him insane in the process.

#23 Zombie Snow White

Disney characters gone bad 28
Credit: DeviantArt leagueof1

Snow White is the bloodiest one of all in this dreadfully stunning fan art by British illustrator leagueof1. Unless it isn’t clear yet, this artwork features a zombie Snow White who has just seemingly made her first kill as a member of the undead. Unfortunately for the Disney Princess, not even a true love’s kiss can’t bring her back to life this time around.

#24 Gascot Mickey Mouse and Goofy

Disney characters gone bad 29
Credit: DeviantArt alerazz501

Though drawn traditionally, this black-and-white sketch by Slovakian artist Alerazz still gives us the creeps. Based on the characters in the creepypasta game Abandoned by Disney, this reinterpretation of Mickey and Goofy shows the duo in spooky gas masks. While their faces are hidden behind the masks, the pair’s rigid stance and the blood dripping from their hands suggest that something macabre is going on underneath.

#25 Raging Anger

Disney characters gone bad 30
Credit: DeviantArt demite

Describing Inside Out’s Anger as angry in this artwork is an understatement. Created by British artist Demite, this version of Anger has bulging red eyes and a gaping wide mouth with tiny sharp teeth. Though not as scary as other artworks included in this slideshow, this fan art becomes more and more unsettling the longer you stare at it.

#26 Creepy Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 31
Credit: DeviantArt shinreddear

Though not the most detailed fan art in this slideshow, this reimagining of Mickey Mouse by Swiss illustrator ShinRedDear is creepy as hell. Inspired by a vintage Mickey Mouse toy, this version of the world’s most popular mouse has a pair of red eyes and a terrifying grin that can keep you awake at night. Unfortunately for onlookers, Mickey’s set of human teeth makes his look even more horrifying.

#27 Zombie Donald Duck

Disney characters gone bad 32

While not as gory as the other artworks, this zombie reimagining of Donald Duck by Andre De Freitas is also unsettling to look at. More than Donald’s bloody nose and mouth, it’s really his all-white eyes that make him a frightening sight.

#28 Three-eyed Mickey Mouse

Disney characters gone bad 33

As if tearing one’s face off isn’t gruesome enough, the artist behind this Mickey Mouse reimagining makes the familiar horror scenario more nightmarish by adding an extra eye and two more mouths to Mickey’s face.

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