$460 travel jumpsuit is an indication of a world gone mad

This coverall by Italian designer Marta Scarampi comes with face masks and a travel bag

Though flying restrictions in some countries have already been eased amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are still anxious about getting back on a plane. While flying does make one more susceptible to acquiring the coronavirus, there are ways to protect yourself from getting the virus while traveling. One of which is by wearing the new Deco Travel Jumpsuit by Italian designer Marta Scarampi.

Priced at $460, this travel jumpsuit comes with two face masks and a travel bag that is especially created to store the jumpsuit once the wearer arrives at their destination. Though its cost is exceedingly more expensive than regular coveralls, the Deco Travel Jumpsuit seems to be a great investment for frequent flyers and for people who commute daily to and from work.

Made with a durable, lightweight, waterproof, and silk-blend fabric, the Deco Travel Jumpsuit is a comfortable piece of protective wear designed for the “new normal” travelling. Can be worn with or without clothes underneath, the coverall features elastic waist, wrist, and ankle bands for a snug fit. Staying true to the brand’s refined and artisanal style, the jumpsuit features sophisticated elements such as the hidden zip closure on center front, fabric-covered buttons, attached hoodie, and two inside pockets at the upper part of the suit.

Originally created by Marta for her sister and co-founder Lucia Scarampi who flew from Rome to New York City to be with his husband last April, the Deco Travel Jumpsuit comes in three colors: taupe, black, and blue. A version specifically designed for men is also available.

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“Flying was a completely surreal experience — there were nine people on the plane from Rome to New York,” Lucia recalled of her flight in the middle of the pandemic in an interview with Fast Company. “Wearing something that was all one piece, I felt really protected.”

She added: “Our idea is that you can travel in something that you can then just take off when you arrive, and be ready. I used it on a plane, but you could also just use it for your commute, on the train or subways or in an Uber.”

Like all Marta Scarampi pieces, the Deco Travel Jumpsuit is made by hand and by order at the brand’s headquarter in Torino, Italy, so each piece will take two weeks to come to life.