The Karate Kid returns in Cobra Kai trailer

The Karate Kid is getting its own new series on YouTube Red, but there’s a twist

Cobra Kai Trailer

The Karate Kid is back, but it isn’t returning as a feature film. Instead it’s returning as an original series.

The Karate Kid: Cobra Kai is a new original series from YouTube Red. Yes, YouTube Red is producing original series now too, just like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime does.

The Cobra Kai series takes place 34 years after the original Karate Kid movie. The new series stars the original Karate Kid, Daniel, played by Ralph Macchio. His arch nemesis, Johnny (played by William Zabka) returns to. But there’s a big twist.

This time around Johnny is the hero, while Daniel the villain. The trailer shows Johnny, now aged 50, struggling in life until he comes across a teen getting beaten up by a group of bullies. He saves the teenage boy and decides to open up a dojo where he can train the boy to defend himself, along with other misfit kids.

“I’m gonna teach you the style of karate that was taught to me. A method of fighting your pansy ass generation desperately needs.”

Considering the original actors are returning, we’re pretty excited for Cobra Kai. Hopefully it won’t disappoint Karate Kids fans.

The series premieres on May 2nd on YouTube red.

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