BTS’ TinyTAN characters get reimagined as Posket statues

These TinyTAN Posket statues purple you very much, ARMY!

BTS TinyTAN Dynamite Posket statues

TinyTAN is back with a Posket statue makeover, and this time, they’re clad in BTS’s iconic “Dynamite” era outfits for a groovy disco party.

The TinyTAN Posket statue squad is coming to set the night alight at Entertainment Earth in November 2022.

BTS TinyTAN Dynamite Posket statues
Adorable BTS Posket statues rocking their “dynamite” look

TinyTAN lights it up like Dynamite

The BTS Dynamite TinyTAN Posket statues depict the adorable TinyTAN characters in the exact same outfits that BTS wore for their “Dynamite” music video (which has raked in 1.4 billion views on YouTube, so far).

While the Posket figures look like teenage versions of the adorable TinyTAN babies, there’s no doubt about the fact that the vibe is on the same wavelength of cuteness.

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BTS Dynamite Jin Version

This BTS TinyTAN "Dynamite" is the Jin version of the Posket statue and everything ARMY could ask for.

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Each Posket statue is made from PVC/ABS and measures approximately 5.5 inches in height.

Whether you have a bias or are a certified OT7 ARMY, these TinyTAN stylized Posket figures personify the positive notions that BTS croons about in the record-shattering hit song, “Dynamite”.

Light up your Posket figure collection like dynamite with these little guys. You can pick them up at Entertainment Earth for $26.99 each.

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