Wireless earbuds for gaming and VR have finally arrived

Soundcore’s VR P10 earbuds are designed especially for gaming and the Meta Quest 2

Soundcore VR P10 Wireless
Soundcore VR P10 Wireless earbuds are designed for gaming and VR

Most wireless earbuds on the market aren’t suitable for serious gaming, especially not VR, but Soundcore’s VR P10 wireless earbuds for gaming aim to change all of that.

Anker, the company behind the Soundcore audio brand, has released a product called the VR P10. These low-latency wireless earbuds were designed with gaming in mind first and foremost.

As any gamer knows, it is essential that the audio and video are in perfect sync. Otherwise, the gaming experience won’t feel real, and gamers won’t be able to use audio cues to make split-second decisions in titles such as first-person shooters.

In fact, they are the first audio product that was authorized to be used in Meta Quest 2 — the virtual reality headset developed by Meta. According to the CEO and founder of Anker Innovations, Steven Yang, the VR P10 is the first audio product to have received the “Made for Meta” endorsement.

Whether gamers enjoy playing sports games such as NFL Pro Era or Golf+, thriller games such as Resident Evil 4 or The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, or other popular titles such as Bonelab, Onward or Warplanes: Battles over Pacific, they can get a great audio experience to go along with the fun VR experience the Meta Quest 2 provides.

Can wireless earbuds be used for gaming?

Most wireless earbuds can not be used for serious gaming, especially not with virtual reality platforms like the Meta Quest 2. This is because most wireless earbuds don’t offer a low latency experience which is needed to ensure that audio and video are in sync.

However, Soundcore’s VR P10 is amongst the few wireless earbuds designed to have low latency, which is key in VR gaming. To this point, too many other options simply can’t keep up with the video processing power of VR games, making the entire gaming experience less than ideal.

The audio latency is reduced to only 30ms with the VR P10 earbuds, which makes them perfect for any avid gamer. This ensures that the audio the game is producing aligns perfectly with the video.

The VR P10 earburds pair to a USB-C dongle — included with the product — operating over a 2.4 Ghz wireless connection. They are also compatible with the LC3 codec. The earbuds also charge in a small and sleek charging case.

While the Soundcore VR P10 earbuds were designed for VR gaming on the Meta Quest 2, they work for other uses as well. They can be paired simultaneously with multiple devices, allowing users to take calls on their phone or listen to music on a Bluetooth-connected device, all while using them for VR gaming.

The solid battery life of six hours provides games with the opportunity to play for a long time without significant interruptions. And the fast charging allows them to get back into the action in no time.

Pricing and availability

The Soundcore VR P10 wireless earbuds are available on soundcore.com, and Best Buy for a very reasonable price of $99.99.

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