Which internet provider is the best in 2022?

Here are the top internet service providers in 2022

Which internet provider is the best in 2022

Having a hard time choosing which internet provider to sign up with? Well, you’re in luck, because TV and internet affiliate site CableTV.com has recently released the results of its latest customer satisfaction survey that determined which internet provider is the best in 2022.

To understand how well internet providers perform, CableTV.com surveys thousands of customers of the largest internet providers in the U.S. every year. And to inform 2022’s survey, the folks at CableTV.com asked more than 2,000 Americans about how satisfied they are with the speed, price, reliability, and customer service of their internet connections this year.

Thanks in large part to its excellent fiber network and no-contract service, Verizon emerges as the best internet provider in overall satisfaction in 2022. It is followed by AT&T in the second place and Xfinity in the third spot. Spectrum comes fourth in the ranking, with Cox closing the top 5.

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Verizon also holds the first spot in the ranking of top internet providers most likely to be recommended by customers. It has a sizable 7% margin from second placer AT&T and a huge 10% gap from third placer Xfinity. Sparklight and Spectrum land on the fourth and fifth places, respectively.

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When it comes to internet speed, Xfinity and Verizon are tied in the first place, while Spectrum manages to narrowly overtake AT&T for the third spot. Generally speaking, customers with a fiber internet connection give their provider higher ratings in speed. Though AT&T does offer fiber internet plans, much of its internet network is still DSL-based, which explains its relatively low ranking in the speed category.

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The survey also reveals Verizon as the best internet provider in customer support. It is followed by AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox. Interestingly, although Xfinity finishes fourth in the ranking, it has the second-highest dissatisfied customer mark among the top internet providers. But because good customer service doesn’t just mean an internet provider that quickly gets a truck to your house or solves a billing problem, Xfinity is doing better compared to Suddenlink and its bottom-ranked 32% customer support dissatisfaction rating.

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Given the quality of the service they get, are customers happy with the price they pay for their internet? The result of the survey shows that 56% of Verizon customers find the price of their internet plan excellent or good. 54% percent of AT&T customers and 47% percent of Spectrum customers also find the price they are paying for their internet excellent or good, given the quality of service they are receiving.

Which internet provider is the best in 2022? 10

To sum up, CableTV.com’s customer satisfaction survey reveals that customers simply want internet plans that they don’t have to worry about. And Verizon, AT&T, and Xfinity are the top 3 internet providers that have consistently delivered high-quality internet service to customers this year.

Read the full report here.

Source: CableTV.com
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