AT&T Student Discount: How to Get It

The limited time discount is for students using AT&T’s prepaid Unlimited plan which is usually priced at $65

AT&T launches $40 unlimited wireless plan for students
AT&T launches $40 unlimited wireless plan for students

AT&T is launching a special AT&T student discount that gives students savings of up to $25 dollars per month off of AT&T’s prepaid unlimited plan. This discount effectively makes it just $40 a month for a plan that includes unlimited calls, text, and 5G data, along with fraud call blocking and spam alerts. Otherwise, the plan would ordinarily cost $65 per month.

These new AT&T offers should help students keep their monthly expenses down, especially at a time when the prices of goods and services continue to rise across the world.

Ultimately, by locking in the price of your wireless service with a prepaid plan + discount ($10 credit), students can pay a fixed amount for 12 months, all the while avoiding unexpected cost fluctuations.

How to claim the AT&T student discount offer?

First, students will need to register an account on StudentBeans and verify their student status. Once that has been done, a link will be sent to them that gives them access to the AT&T prepaid student discount of $10. This student discount is available for a limited time – until September 30th, 2022 only.

Who can avail of the Student Beans discount deal?

The discount (10 dollars credit) will be exclusive to students who subscribe to AT&T’s prepaid Unlimited plan, which is usually priced at $65 a month. This plan is only available online. Furthermore, students who sign up for the plan before September 30th must enroll in autopay if they want to save up to $25 per month for a year.

AT&T Student Prepaid Discount
$40 per month

For a limited time, students get $25 off AT&T's prepaid unlimited plan.


Other latest AT&T offers where you can save big

This isn’t the only prepaid promotion AT&T is offering right now – if you pay $300 upfront –  for an entire year in advance, you can get unlimited calls, 16GB of monthly data, plus a hotspot. This deal equates to a cost of just $25 per month for a year.

What if you’re not a student?

AT&T recently launched another great prepaid unlimited plan that everyone is eligible for. To that effect, their Unlimited Max plan costs just $50 per month and includes unlimited calls, texts, 5G data, and 10GB of mobile hotspot data – and autopay is not required. The $50 Unlimited Max plan is only available at Walmart.

AT&T student discount: FAQ

How do I apply for the AT&T student discount?

To apply for the AT&T student discount, visit the Student Beans website, register an account, and verify your student status using a valid student ID. Click on the link that you’ll receive upon verification. Once you open the page, you can select the AT&T PREPAID Unlimited plan at the discounted rate, and Voila!

What benefits do I get with the AT&T student discount?

With the AT&T student discount, you can save 25 dollars on the  AT&T Prepaid’s  Unlimited Plan and enjoy the additional benefits that come with the plan, such as 5G network access.

Do I need to provide a promo code to get the AT&T student discount?

You won’t need a promo code to avail of the AT&T student discount. You’re eligible for the discount as long as you’re a student residing in the U.S.

Is the AT&T student discount available online and in-store?

AT&T student discount is available only online. You can apply for the discount online and take advantage of the savings.

How long is the AT&T student discount valid?

The AT&T student discount is valid for 12 months, wherein you get 10 dollars credit for a period of 12 months. The discount offer will be applied to your AT&T Prepaid Unlimited plan beginning from the second month of service.

Can international students avail of the AT&T student discount?

The AT&T student discount is available to students in the U.S. However, international students studying in the U.S. may be eligible for certain discounts and offers. It’s recommended to check with AT&T or visit an AT&T store for further details.

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