What’s included in Disney’s Genie Plus?

Here are the pros and cons of this new Walt Disney World offering

What's included in Disney's Genie Plus? 1

Walt Disney World is launching Genie Plus. But what exactly does it do? And what’s included in Disney’s Genie Plus?

What’s included in Disney’s Genie Plus?

Genie Plus is a service that’s accessible through the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps and is essentially a day planner that offers suggestions on itineraries and schedules.

But apart from that, Genie Plus aims to replace Disney’s FastPass system that allowed park-goers to skip long lines for rides by coming back at a certain time. While this service was free, its Genie Plus alternative will cost you.

There is a free version of Genie Plus that offers tailored or curated recommendations for dining, events, and attractions based on the park-goers preference. Apart from recommendations, you can also make reservations and real-time ride schedules and wait times.

Cough up a little extra cash and you’ll get access to Lightning Lane reservations. This will cost $15 per ticket for Walt Disney World and $20 for Disneyland guests. Of course, it also offers all the perks of the free service.

If you don’t want to avail of the Genie Plus lane-skipping service, you can still opt to purchase Lightning Lane passes. The confusing part here is that the Lightning Lane Passes for sale are for rides that aren’t available through Genie Plus.

This means that certain rides will require you to avail of the paid Genie Plus service to gain access to Lightning Lanes or vice versa. Either way, it increases your spending which may be seen as greedy as park prices for food, shows, or hotel rooms are already quite high.

This hasn’t settled well with fans especially for a service that was once free. The announcement video for Genie Plus, as pointed out by The Verge, had an overwhelming number of dislikes on YouTube compared to likes.

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