The Top Gun sequel has officially begun production

Do you feel the need to see it?

Top Gun 2

This story is for all of you Mavericks, Icemen and even the odd Goose out there; Top Gun 2 is actually happening. If we’re wrong, we’ll promise to never act as your wing-men ever again.

We hope you are ready to be put straight back into the danger zone, as Tom Cruise has actually tweeted a picture suggesting that production has started. It’s time to take those bomber jackets out of storage guys and girls!

The initial movie made waves back in 1986. For those of you that don’t know about it, it was a highly-stylized film about jet fighter pilots. Actually, it was about much more than that – it was about friendship, love and weird volleyball scenes. Cruise was the film’s star, but many thought that Val Kilmer stole the show as Iceman.

The new version was announced around this month last year and its IMDB page says its title is ‘Top Gun: Maverick. The script was written by Peter Craig (The Town) and Justin Marks (The Jungle Book).

Those are the confirmed details, but understandably, there are also plenty of rumors floating around too. Word on the runway is that Joseph Kosinski may be taking up the director’s slot. He has plenty of knowledge and experience of taking on long-awaited sequels, after taking the reigns for Tron Legacy. That said, we have no idea if Kenny Loggins will be involved in the soundtrack… but we certainly hope that he is.

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