Tiramisu Oreos are finally here and they’re divine

The new Oreo variant has two types of crème infused with espresso and cocoa flavors

The quarantine just got tasty!

Nabisco’s Tiramisu Oreos, which were first announced last December, have finally hit the shelves. The newest Oreo flavor has been spotted at Albertsons, Kroger’s, Walmart, Target, and other large grocery chains across the country.

The new Oreo variant features the snack’s classic chocolate sandwich cookies with two types of crème infused with espresso and cocoa flavors. It is inspired by the popular Italian dessert Tiramisu, which is traditionally made with layers of ladyfinger cookies soaked in coffee and mascarpone, and drizzled with espresso and cocoa powder on top.

A 12.2-ounce pack of Tiramisu Oreos retails for $3.69 on Target.

Now Available

Tiramisu Oreos

Inspired by the Italian dessert, Tiramisu Oreos feature Oreos’ classic chocolate sandwich cookies with two types of crème


Though not all are a fan of Tiramisu, a lot of people who have already tried the new the Oreo flavor are loving it. Check out some of the tweets about Tiramisu Oreos below:

Rumors that Nabisco was releasing a Tiramisu-flavored Oreo started to circulate online when junk food Instagrammer TheJunkFoodAisle posted a photo of the Tiramisu Oreo packaging in late December. A few days after that, a spokesperson for Oreo confirmed the new to Today Food and announced that it would be available starting April.

Tiramisu Oreo Thins

While this is the first time a Tiramisu-flavored Oreo has become available in the U.S., some Oreo fans outside the country have been eating them for years. Several years ago, Tiramisu Oreo Thins were released in South Korea. But based on the product’s packaging, that version only had one type of crème, making the American variant having a higher creme-to-cookie ratio.

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