Who still has PS5 in stock?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console is currently available on StockX

Who still has PS5 in stock

It’s already been over three months since Sony’s PlayStation 5 officially launched, but the supply of the gaming console remains very low. Though big retailers have sporadically managed to secure limited quantities of PS5 since its November 12th release date last year, those stocks sell out instantly, leaving a lot of would-be customers in the cold. So, who still has PS5 in stock?

The PS5 Digital Edition Console might be sold out in stores, but it is currently available on StockX. If this is your first time to hear about StockX, it is basically an online marketplace that serves as a middleman between buyers and sellers, making otherwise potentially shady resale market transactions safe and secure.

On StockX, you can either buy the PS5 (US Plug) Digital Edition Console immediately for the current lowest asking price of $700 or place a bid and wait for one of the many sellers with the same item to accept the offer. StockX also provides data like current market value, number of items sold, and loss or gain on items, which you can use as a guide to ensure that you never overpay for a PS5.

Though StockX requires you to link to a payment method (PayPal or a credit/debit card) when placing bids, you will only be charged if and when your bid is accepted. After your purchase is confirmed, the seller has two business days to ship your PS5 out for professional authentication at StockX. This procedure makes sure that the gaming console you bought is genuine before it is shipped out to you, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or receiving fake items.

Once your PS5 arrives at StockX and is marked with a green “verified authentic” tag, it is then shipped out to you. You can track the status of your order online, where you can see whether it’s already been shipped by the seller, currently being authenticated at StockX, or on its way to you.

In the event the seller fails to ship your PS5, they will have to pay up to 15% of the total order amount, and you can request a refund.

In addition to PS5 and other gaming consoles, StockX also acts as a middleman for luxury watches, designer handbags, streetwear, and other collectibles.

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