Tiger King fans can’t get over of John Finlay’s new look in the Netflix series’ aftershow

Joe Exotic’s ex-lover shows off his new set of teeth in the documentary’s bonus episode

Tiger King fans can’t get over of John Finlay’s new look in the Netflix series’ aftershow 1

John Finlay is almost unrecognizable in Netflix’s Tiger King aftershow.

Fans who aren’t following the docuseries’ cast members on social media were taken by surprise after seeing Finlay’s new look in the aftershow, which arrived on the streaming service last Sunday. In all of his interviews for the main seven episodes of Tiger King, Finlay had a very few teeth left. But in the aftershow, Finlay is seen sporting a new set of teeth that makes him look much better than the last time most viewers saw him.

“It took a while to get them, but once I actually got them, it took me a while to get them to where I was able to really wear them,” Finlay says of his new dentures in the aftershow, before adding that he “pretty much” wears them “all the time.”

Finlay’s glow-up is so shocking that a lot of fans have taken to Twitter to share their disbelief:

Finlay, who is one of the few likeable personalities in the series, joined the staff of Joe Exotic’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in 2003. In 2014, while still working in the zoo, Finlay entered a throuple with Exotic and another park employee named Travis Maldonado.

After leaving Exotic and testifying in his case, Finlay, according to TMZ, got his teeth redone in July 2019, choosing to complete the entire procedure at one time, rather than one step at a time. But Finlay’s healthier look isn’t just because of his new dentures. He’s also happily engaged now to a woman named Stormey.

Since leaving Exotic, Finlay has also put working with exotic animals behind him. Finlay, who is now six years clean from drugs, said that he now wants to help others overcome addiction using his newfound platform.

“I want to work with the youth about drugs and abuse,” he told People in a recent interview. “It’s time for me to take a negative and turn it into a positive. It’s time to really think about the kids and my future and stuff and use this thing for something good not just to be, ‘Hey, I have a personal gain now. It’s all about me.’ It’s not all about me. It’s about other people too.”

Source: ComicBook.com
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