This futuristic litter box cleans itself and monitors your cat’s health

It will closely monitor Mr. Mittens’ health

This futuristic litter box cleans itself and monitors your cat's health 2

This company has invented a health-monitoring, self-cleaning litter box that doesn’t cost a fortune to operate.

Dubbed ‘Footloose’, this futurist-looking kitty potty was engineered from the ground up to revolutionize the way we think about litter box maintenance, touts the company.

Using cutting-edge technology, Footloose will not only automatically clean itself but will alert owners to potential health problems by closely monitoring Mr. Mittens’ interactions with the machine.

To accomplish this, each litter box is packed with dozens of sensors that keep an eye your cat’s “body weight, waste volume, toilet frequency, and duration.” Said information is then fed to a computer that analyzes it before forwarding the results to an app on your phone.

The company says since “potty behavior is a barometer of health”, its ‘ActiveTrack’ app is designed to recognize symptoms that are “difficult to spot by human eyes.”

This futuristic litter box cleans itself and monitors your cat's health 3

And as cool and vital as the health tracking is, equally impressive is the company’s ‘OmniClean’ technology. Essentially, this is the self-cleaning portion of the litter box. According to the company, the OminClean system uses the same aforementioned sensor network to detect when your cat has used the litter box. From there, Footloose temporarily blocks the entrance, scoops the waste, then discards it – all in one smooth motion.

In just one week, the company behind the project has already raised well over $600,000 via Kickstarter. That’s a far cry from its original goal of $50,000. Some special offers still remain, however, slots are going fast. Footloose is expected to start shipping in June 2019.

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