The PlayStation 5’s console design and accessories have finally been revealed

But there’s no word on pricing yet

Needless to say, PlayStation fans have been more than excited since Sony announced its PS5 event for June 11th. Hosted via a live stream, Sony finally revealed what its next-gen console will finally look like as well as a couple of official accessories and, of course, a preview of upcoming PS5 games.

The design of the PS5 is definitely nothing like the rumors would say it would be. Presented in a vertical orientation, the PS5 stands tall and carries a black and white with a soft blue light emitting from the inside. The black, white, and blue design can also be seen on the bundled controllers.

Utilizing a different stand, the PS5 can be placed horizontally, so it can sit under a TV or placed flat on a table or shelf. Looking even closer, you can see its subtle air vents for cooling the system as well as USB-A and USB-C ports up in the front.

Two variants of the PS5 have been announced: a pure Digital Edition and one loaded with a 4K Blu-ray drive. Unsurprisingly, the Digital Edition looks a lot slimmer than its sibling because of the removal of the disc drive. Unfortunately, the retail price for both versions of the PS5 is still under wraps.

Additionally, Sony introduced a couple of new accessories which include the DualSense charging station, an HD Camera, Pulse 3D wireless headphones, and a media remote. All of these accessories sport the same design philosophy as the main console.

The DualSense charging station isn’t something we haven’t seen before but that doesn’t undercut the convenience of having a dedicated controller charger. The HD camera will sport dual 1080p lens and will most likely function similarly to the PS4’s camera accessory.

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3D audio support is introduced in the Pulse 3D wireless headset. This accessory seemingly replaces PlayStation’s Gold wireless headset but with dual noise-canceling microphones. Lastly, Sony is introducing a media remote that features a built-in microphone for voice commands. Looking closer, you can see four blank buttons on the remote which could possibly be programmable but there’s no official explanation for them yet.

The company has not yet released the prices for these accessories and also did not make it clear on whether the accessories will be launching alongside the console this Holiday season.

In a previous stream, Sony already detailed some of the specs that we’ll be seeing on the PS5. These include 3.5GHz AMD processors with eight cores and 16 threads, 16GB of memory, and a custom AMD GPU.

With much of Sony and Microsoft’s cards out on the table, the next-gen console race is slowly coming to a close with no real winner in sight. Both companies are still on-track for a Holiday release, and we can expect more announcements as we get closer to their release dates.